The ultimate rock show – Bullet and Halestorm hit town

After having the awesome opportunity of getting a photo pass to see Bullet For My Valentine, Halestorm and Miss May I play at The Roundhouse, I was really looking forward to the gig. Halestorm are one of my favourite bands so I was sure that they would rock the show.

Izzy - Halestorm
Halestorm’s front lady Izzy Hale dominating the stage.

After turning up at The Roundhouse, I was kept waiting for an hour to get into the gig, as there was some confusion with the Sony PR press list. This was really annoying as it meant that I missed Miss May I, which I would have liked to see, but luckily The Roundhouse staff managed to sort it out so I made it in just in time for Halestorm.

A bit frustrated I headed to the press pit, to get ready to photograph Izzy Hale (lead singer of Halestorm). As they entered the stage, I changed my tune and started to soak up the atmosphere. The venue was full of die hard screaming fans throwing up devil horn hand gestures and a jam packed crowd of flashing cameras eager to get some great shots.

I positioned myself where I had a great view of Izzy and Arejay (Halestorm’s red-headed rocking drummer) and snapped away. They performed some of their best songs including Rock Show, Mz Hyde, I Get Off and Arejay even did a drum solo with giant drum sticks. Their stage presence was incredible and they got the whole crowd singing along, which was amazing!

Izzy’s raspy rawing vocals sent pleasing shivers down me and made me want to head bang and sing along. There were axes and skin on electric strings. All that I can say is that Halestorm blew me away. The acoustics in The Roundhouse were outstanding and didn’t leave me unable to hear after the set, which is very rare.

No more Mr Nice Guy pose - Bullet's guitarist
No more Mr Nice Guy pose – Bullet’s guitarist

Halestorm’s set lasted for an hour but left me wanting more. Izzy Hale is 100% more sexy in real life and dominates the stage. I would definately recommend seeing Halestorm live. They were fucking amazing!

After some technical support from really helpful photographer, Derek Bremner (check out his website, he’s a very talented photograher!) I was ready to shoot Bullet (no pun intended!).

Before Bullet came out on stage, the whole venue was flooded with fans taunting, “Bullet! Bullet!” and it made me feel like this was the place to be for a mind blowing show.

Bullet came on and the crowd screamed, moshed and threw their devil horns in the air whilst singing along to bullet’s songs. I like Bullet and was really impressed at how wild they made the crowd. They played some of their classics including Scream Aim Fire, which I loved and some of their newer stuff including Temper Temper.

Bullet’s new stuff is much heavier that their older stuff, which is fine but I can’t help but prefer their older songs. I sang my heart out, rocked my head to Bullet and felt like I was in rock heaven.

Near the end of their set, Bullet and Izzy Hale performed together which was amazing! Overall I’d had a great time and got some awesome photos. I really think that Bullet and Halestorm should tour more often together.

It works well having a male and female singer fronting Bullet. Do I see a collaboration coming on?

A special thanks to Sony PR for my photo pass, The Roundhouse for being an awesome venue and sorting my press complications out for me, Derek Bremner for being my camera techy man and Bullet and Halestorm for one hell of a show!

Written and photographed by Michelle Stannard

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