Biffy Clyro at the 02

So here we all are, at the massive fuck off 02.

Biffy Clyro
Biffy Clyro

Anyone who has known them from the word go would have never expected it, but Biffy Clyro have managed to plough their way through constant (and tiresome) sniggers at their name, a lack of obvious singles and a general and quite undeserved snootiness.

From the outset, the atmosphere crackled, a combination of new and old fans – the latter waiting to be impressed, the former seeing something huge happening.

Then finally after a perfunctory opening of different people they launch in to the brutally melodic “That Golden Rule”. Every member tearing in to their instruments, every note, manner and movement saying “We are here and we fucking deserve it”. It’s an emotional moment but it’s impossible to think of a band who deserve it less.

As the set goes on it becomes clear they are playing to the crowd. “No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake” is met with unbridled joy by some and the looks of bemusement from others. Rather than using it as a springboard, newer material continued to take the fore, pleasing some and leaving others feeling somewhat let down.

Unfortunately this is where we are now with Biffy. Things are simply not the same any more but no band, 6 albums in can please everyone all of the time. These are mere details and too subjective to even be worth discussing.

What Biffy Clyro did do was proved that they deserved it. Simon Neil tried to play at being every inch the rock star, and succeeded in doing so. Some will have been left disappointed, but watching them play “57” to one man and his dog doesn’t pay the bills.

As the typically overblown strains of “Victory Over The Sun” blast out you know that Biffy Clyro have changed but we haven’t lost them…it’s impossible to think of a band who deserve it more.

Written by Paul Chapman, photograph courtesy of Live Nation

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