Bon Voyage My Chemical Romance!

Do you know what? I don’t have a fucking clue where to go with this. My Chemical Romance (MCR) have always been something of an anomaly. It’s hard to think of a band who have divided people more in recent times, they’ve even divided individuals themselves, well certainly me.

My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance – Photo by Rock Sound

The melodic beauty of the likes of “The Ghost of You” and the overwrought but clearly well executed “The Black Parade” prevented the sneers that many gave them. Ah The Black Parade, undeniably where they went from being “the band that pasty looking kid down the road likes” to an all out rock behemoth. The units shifted meaning we won’t have to be worrying about them in their later years.

It was pure ambition, and bearing in mind the weight of expectation and pressure, they nailed it. Of course they had come from a position where there would always be cynics. But the fact this is even being written shows up the most important factor of their career. They mattered a hell of a lot to a hell of a lot of people and that should be the one thing that any band worth their salt toiling away in their formative moments should aspire to!

In many ways it was the effect on the media that showed their worth. A quite astonishingly ignorant piece in the Daily Mail fundamentally blaming them for a rise in self harming still sticks in the craw and couldn’t help but make you get on their side, because again, it showed they mattered. The fact their split has been felt so deeply by so many can only mean one thing to the detractors….they won.

Here’s an MCR classic – Black Parade for the mourning process:

Written by Paul Chapman, photo from Rock Sound

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