CrossFaith errupt at Camden’s Underworld – 8.5.13

For those of you who have never heard of CrossFaith or seen them live, then you are truly missing out.

We Butter The Bread With Butter @ Camden Underworld
We Butter The Bread With Butter @ Camden Underworld

I wasn’t a huge fan until I saw them live on their sold-out gig at Camden’s Underworld, where they literally took my breath away!

Crossfaith were accompanied by Polar (who sadly I missed whilst collecting my photo pass), We Butter The Bread With Butter (yes the name’s insane but so are they) and Hacktivist (something a bit different). The gig was relocated due to high demand, so I knew straight off that it was going to be mental!

I arrived just in time to catch the second band, We Butter The Bread With Butter. I can truly say that their name is as crazy as they are. The venue was packed, there were balloons being thrown around the crowds and most of all there were moshing giggers.

Hacktivist @ Camden Underworld
Hacktivist @ Camden Underworld

The German deathcore band had lots of fans, all screaming their hearts out to their songs. The lead singer, Paul Bartzsch has definitely got some lungs on him. Not bad for a band who started out as a joke!

Next up were Hacktivist. They were really popular, although not to my taste, but none the less filled the house. These guys set tongues wagging when they first came out. It’s not very often that genres collide like this! They’ve been called tech-grime, metal hip-hop and a shit load more, but I think of them in a genre of their very own.

There was, rapping, singing, guitars and crowd surfing. Hacktivist pleased the crowd and dropped their mics to their level to suck up the sound of their lyrics being recited by their fans. Why not? it always sounds good to hear someone promoting what you do and love. These hot shots still have plenty to come, I’m sure!

Last but definitely not least were CrossFaith! It took a while to set up as these Japanese metal-core bad boys love their technology.

Crossfaith @ Camden Underworld
Crossfaith @ Camden Underworld

The crowd thudded and chanted “CrossFaith, CrossFaith”, until finally the stage darkened and one by one out they came. Their keyboardist Terufumi Tamano’s tech set-up was something else.

Belting out song after song, the crowd was insane. Crowd surfers flew onto the stage and were thrown back into the pit, mosh pits erupted,  sweat smothered the stage and the CrossFaith guys were jumping and thrashing around causing the crowds to unleash insanity.

They roared out some of their classics including Stars Faded in Slow Motion, Mirror and a song I knew all too well, Omen. I couldn’t help but be sucked in by the excitement and atmosphere, and joined in with the head thrashing.

Crowd Surfing - Crossfaith @ Camden Underworld
Crowd Surfing – Crossfaith @ Camden Underworld

Lead singer, Koie Kenta knew exactly how to excite and please the crowds, getting everyone to ‘jump’ and ‘put your hands up’. They even invoked a ‘Wall of Death’. There was even one time where guitarist, Takemura Kazuki slipped and hit his head, but he got back up and joined back in with the guitar smashing, body thrashing action.

There was even a drummer solo from legendary Amano Tatsuya. It was the fastest and craziest drumming that I have ever witnessed. What a fucking legend! Crossfaith left after their set only to be hauled back onto the stage by the crowd taunting “one more song!”.

After playing not one, but two more songs, the CrossFaith guys left a very buzzing crowd, that echoed their gig’s success. Crossfaith are one to watch in the future, I feel these metal-core mentalists have lots more to come, for many more years to come. Their success could even break even with the likes of German legends, Rammstein.

Written and photographed by Michelle Stannard

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