Make way for The Great British Tattoo Show!

Step into a world of colour and excitement this weekend (25-26 May) at Alexandra Palace for The Great British Tattoo Show. A world of walking art works, where you’ll have a valid excuse to stare at people.

GB Tattoo Show poster 2013
GB Tattoo Show poster 2013

Not just a tattoo exhibition, the show will incorporate fashion elements and some uniquely exciting vendors and entertainment. From live bands, tattoo awards, street magic, five-minute makeovers, musical comedy and body painting, to catwalk shows with beautiful women in lingerie and latex.

See how far human wall art has come since cave drawings of stick figures and buffalos with the amazing street art of the Graffiti Life Company who will be decorating the walls before your eyes.

Sure to send jaws dragging along the ground are the Nympherno Girls who will be lighting up the stage with a fire breathing, go-go dancing, strip-teasing trail of carnage. Just don’t get too close if you want to leave the show with your eyebrows intact!

The weekend will also feature a Roller Rumble mixed roller derby tournament. Five female teams and two male teams will compete, bashing their way through the weekend long tournament to win the Roller Rumble Trophy.

TGBTS Roller Rumble Poster
TGBTS Roller Rumble Poster

This and much more is sure to make it a great weekend and if your still not satisfied, you can always head to the cider bar and drink.

To get to the event take the Piccadilly line to Green Wood station (20 minutes from Piccadilly Circus) then take the complementary bus (a free bus, not a bus that gives out complements) to the Palace. Or take the overground to Alexandra Palace Station.

Tickets cost £30 for the weekend, £22.50 for Saturday and £20 for Sunday. Book online or purchase tickets on the day for an extra £5.

As an added bonus there will be a free after party on Sunday at the venue’s Bar and Kitchen Pub with a barbeque and DJ.

This is the ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon before the bank holiday knowing you can sleep in the next day. Just make sure you don’t miss the last tube!

Written by Sam Cross

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