There’s a new band in town – Theory 59

There’s a hot new band on the block, and they’re on everyone’s minds, and if they’re not they soon will be!

The Theory 59 lads
The Theory 59 lads – Photography By Carl

Originating from Humberston, a village just south of Cleethorpes – Ashton, Billal, Noah and George make up fresh new four piece, Theory 59 who are set to set the music industry on fire!

With the band being so young you could easily mistake these guys for having been doing this a lot longer than just 2 years. Their voices are like diamonds, smooth yet slightly rough around the edges. Each member of the band compliments the other creating a fluid domino effect that is music to your ears. Theory 59 are a finely tuned mixture of instruments and warm vocals blending together to create one glorious sound.

Theory 59's new EP
Theory 59’s new EP

Earlier in April 2013 the band were featured on BBC Radio 1’s weekly playlist, as the “BBC introducing” band of the week. This was no doubt a massive compliment to the band and it is easy to see why.

Their EP titled ‘Sleepless’ features 5 amazing tracks so catchy it wont be long before you’re singing along to them at full volume. As soon as the first note of ‘Through the Lies Come Clarity’ started I was hooked. Melodic and energetic, you can really tell how much theses guys love the music they create. Full of heart and soul there’s no denying they live and breathe music. ‘Bedlam Knights’ shows it’s not far behind, with its raw sound that is both electrifying and exciting.

My favourite has got to be ‘Excuse to Let Loose’ with its punch and full-on passionate guitar riffs. The instrumental part of the song lets loose any inhibitions and leaves an imprint on your mind that is never to be forgotten. Sharp lyrics and pop like indie beats make sure the only button you’ll be pressing when listening to Theory 59 isrepeat’.

With influences such as the Foals and Arctic Monkeys will they be able to achieve the same success?

Well they’re already not far behind! With their fan base growing daily, only time will tell how far the road will go for them. I personally am looking forward to hearing their anticipated full length album and seeing what the band will do next.

This is most definitely a theory guaranteed to get everybody’s feet moving!

Follow the Theory 59 boys on Facebook and Twitter for the latest!

Written by Natalie Sexby


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