We Are The In Crowd at The Roundhouse – 10/5/13

A great venue and a great band, how could anyone turn down seeing the unmissable ‘We Are The In Crowd’ at Camden’s very own Roundhouse. Accompanied by baby faced indie pop band, Never Shout Never, this would make for a blast of an evening.

Baby faced lead singer of Never Shout Never
Baby faced lead singer of Never Shout Never – Photographed by Michelle Stannard

The minute Never Shout Never’s lead singer, Christofer Drew Ingle stepped onto the stage the whole venue filled with adoring screaming female fans and the occasional taunt from a jealous boyfriend.

The band threw giant balloons into the crowd, Christofer blew much appreciated kissed to his many female fans and the whole crowd bounced and sang along to Never Shout Never’s very catchy lyrics. I couldn’t help but enjoy their set, some would call it a guilty pleasure.

After performing the likes of ‘Coffee and cigarettes’, ‘Trouble’ and his very popular ‘Can’t stand it’ I can only give Never Shout Never a thumbs up.

The only thing that was disappointing was the acoustics at The Roundhouse. The sound is usually great, but this time around the speakers were too loud and the bass sent a wave of sickness into my stomach. Tip for next time – turn down the base and don’t forget the ear plugs!

Finally the much anticipated moment came and American pop-punksters, We Are The In Crowd (WATIC) stepped on stage to a screaming crowd. Raw vocals rang from Tay Jardine, and smooth harmonies from flowed from Jordan Eckes’s lips. Yes both Tay and Jordan do look as attractive in the flesh!

We Are The In Crowd lead singer Tay
We Are The In Crowd lead singer Tay – Photographed by Michelle Stannard

The crowd sang and bopped along to WATIC classics, Guaranteed To Disagree, Carry Me Home and Rumor Mill. The atmosphere rang through The Roundhouse as lead singer, Tay coerced the crowd to sign along into the mic.

The five-piece songsters bounced around the stage energetically. They owned the stage! Nearing the end of an awesome set, Tay did a shout out to her mum who had travelled all the way from America to see them play and jumped into the crowd to be amongst doting WATIC fans.

We Are The In Crowd have still got plenty left in them. All in all WATIC were definitely worth checking out live and will continue to fulfil their worshipping fans needs.

Written by Michelle Stannard and photographed by both Michelle Stannard and Christy Boxall

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