The Great British Tattoo Show 2013 – Day 1

After visiting The Great British Tattoo Show last year, I really felt that there were a few things that could have been better.

Brighton Rockers whooping some roller derby butt
Brighton Rockers whooping some roller derby butt

So on arriving at this years show, I was happy to see that the organisers had taken the public’s feedback into consideration and was impressed at the venue and how it was set-up.

On walking into Alexandra palace, there were giant board front covers of Skin Deep Magazine and lots of people queuing to get into the show…which is always a good indication that it’s going to be a good day!

We had a media strong team ready to shoot, film and tweet the day’s excitement. Helen – photography, Azeem – videography and myself – social networking and reviewing.

After grabbing our press passes and our show guides we planned out what shows and bands we wanted to watch and headed for a browse around the show. On stepping into the grand hall we came to the roller rumble circuit. I used to train with one of the teams (Brighton Rockers) featuring in the show, so was thoroughly looking forward to watching them bout.

Beatrix Von Bourbon doing her thing
Beatrix Von Bourbon doing her thing

After watching Brighton Rockers kick some butt, we headed to look around some of the stalls. We wandered over to see the graffiti wall and were all really impressed by how good it already looked at the start of the show. We even daydreamed about driving around in the really hot and sexy classic cars that featured at the show.

After having our photographs taken posing in some king and queen chairs at The Skin Deep stall and lounge, we headed over to see burlesque sextress, Beatrix Von Bourbon. As a burlesque virgin I thought she was really fun to watch, but can’t help but feel a more busty lady would have been a bit more impressive!

We grabbed some lunch, I had a really tasty pasta which I really enjoyed and headed over to sit on some beanbags. We set the trend! Nobody sat on them until we did. It was pretty funny! After lunch we headed over to see the three piece band, Tempa Falls perform.

I loved them and their unusual twist of using a beat boxer instead of a drummer. Their lead singer’s voice was super raspy and soft and his eyes were so blue that I couldn’t stop looking at him. There was a really cute kid rocking out to their set – he’s now known as their number 1 fan!

Tempa Falls and some baby blues
Tempa Falls and some baby blues

We wandered around some more and looked at some more stalls of fashion and chatted to a few tattoo artists, all proud to show off their work – and so they should be! We watched a bit more roller derby madness before going to watch the Fetasia Latex Fetish Show.

The designs were great but the models could have looked a bit happier to be there! You’re wearing latex and you’re at The Great British Tattoo Show for god sake! All in all we had a really great day!

Helen and I even found the time to get a little skull and knuckle duster tattoo. They look awesome too…Thanks Woody’s!

I would really recommend checking out The Great British Tattoo Show if you like something a bit smaller and not so crowded. It’s ideal for all of you first time show go-ers!

Check out our video highlights from the first day:

Written by Michelle Stannard, video by Azeem Mustafa and Photography by Helen Parish

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