Award-winning beat boxer ‘Beardyman’ to play at Koko

Yes you heard right…award winning beat boxer, Beardyman will be performing an unforgettable show at Camden venue, Koko later this week (6 June).

Beardyman doing his thing
Beardyman doing his thing

Born Darren Foreman, this live looping, sound spitting genius originates from London. He was given the name ‘Beardyman’ when a name was needed for one of his early shows and he happened to have a beard at the time – so the name has just stuck!

Beardyman started making noises at 3 years old, by imitating Michael Winslow from the Police Academy film series. It was after seeing US beat box sensation, Rahzel perform live that convinced him that beat boxing could sustain a whole show.

His first musical venture was for his school orchestra at 10, where he composed a symphony. It was at 15 after being introduced to drum and bass that Beardyman’s obsession with music technology was born.

Since starting out, Beardyman has won UK Beat Box champion two years running in 2006 and 2007. This made him the first beat boxer in the UK to win two years in a row!

As well as beat boxing, Beardyman uses looping tools to effectively produce a whole DJ set, which are created live from his vocalisations.

Get yourself down to Koko in Camden on Thursday 6 June to capture the Beardyman magic!

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