Beat boxer legend Beardyman plays at Koko

London born beat boxing legend, Beardyman recently played a full house show at Koko and I was there to witness the lyric spitting, live looping madness.

DJ Downlow strutting his stuff!
DJ Downlow strutting his stuff!

On attending other gigs in the past, I knew all too well that Koko got very packed, very quickly, so finding a good spot was a priority when arriving.

After grabbing a quick drink, I found a good spot with a great view of the stage. Beardyman was due on last so I got the chance to check out the other two acts that were up first.


Trojan came on first. Koko started to fill up before his set. This DJ’s set started off good, but for the whole 45 minute set, Trojan played the same sounding reggae and 80s music. I didn’t enjoy his set as it all sounded the same, it wasn’t really mixed and the music selection – to be polite, was not great.

I headed up to the roof terrace for some air after having enough of Trojan’s set. It appeared that I wasn’t the only one with the idea. Most of the crowd that had formed in the venue were now chilling on the sofas or on the roof terrace having a smoke or drink.

Dizraeli & Downlow:

Dizraeli and Downlow bringing in the crowds
Dizraeli and Downlow bringing in the crowds

It was really refreshing to hear the crowd getting excited for duo Rapper/singer – Dizraeli and DJ – Downlow. These boys definitely know how to make a crowd go wild. Downlow scratched and mixed some great tracks, whilst Dizraeli rapped and sang over the top. This duo are a breath of fresh air, their sound is unique and they have been described by many as, ‘the best live hip-hop show I’ve ever seen’.

Dizraeli got the crowd involved by getting everyone to ‘jump’ and join in with the duo’s songs. Dizraeli shouted ‘breathe it in!’ and got the crowd to respond by shouting, ‘breathe it out’. Everyone was having such a great time and I was starting to enjoy myself after a rusty start.


After what seemed like the longest wait ever, the lights darkened and the screen on the stage went up. Beardyman slid forward on a mixing and microphone set up, with a screen behind him.

I was blown away by how packed Koko was and found the only spot I could to take photos on the stairs. When Beardyman started performing I could immediately understand why so many people came to see his show.

Beardyman doing his thing!
Beardyman doing his thing!

The visuals behind him were crazy, like nothing I had seen before and his sound was full of some mind blowing live loops and outstanding beat boxing.

The atmosphere was buzzing and I could feel the stairs shaking as the crowd danced and bounced with joy and excitement.

A few years ago I predicted big things for Beardyman and I now predict even bigger things! If you’ve never checked him out, then get on YouTube and if you like what you here then, get yourself along to one of his much loved gigs.

The future’s bright; the future’s beat boxing – Beardyman style!

Written and photographed by Michelle Stannard

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