Lower Than Atlantis play acoustic gig at the 100 Club – 10/6/13

It’s nice to occasionally have the opportunity to try out a small venue that you’ve never visited before and the 100 Club is definitely that and a whole lot more.

Lower Than Atlantis
Lower Than Atlantis

Converse run free gigs #conversegigs, where you have to apply for the tickets online and it’s chosen at random if you actually get them or not. I was lucky enough to get two to see Lower Than Atlantis and Nina Nesbitt, so I took the very talented mediarite, Liz along to take some photographs.

I had heard that the 100 Club was a Jazz club, but that information was wrong, in fact they play a wide array of different genres and live gigs there! On arriving, we felt like we should be dressed in a suit, as the entrance was very grand looking. After heading down the stairs, we were greeted with a room full of people dressed in a similar attire to ourselves (Jeans and t-shirts) so we soon blended right in!

Mike Duce giving the mic some juice
Mike Duce giving the mic some juice

I wasn’t surprised that the room was full as the Lower Than Atlantis boys were playing an intimate and acoustic gig. The British rockers from Watford formed in 2007 and since then have played gigs all around the UK as part of various festivals including; Slam Dunk,  Hit The Deck and Reading and Leeds Festivals. Their single; If The World Was To End featured on Zane Lowe’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1 in 2012 and was voted number 11 Zane Lowe’s Hottest Records of 2012.

Lower Than Atlantis have continued to grow and a clear indication of their hard work and dedication to their music was a very packed 100 Club.

Having never really heard any of their music before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed. Lead singer Mike Duce stepped onto the stage and belted out a raspy, soft and haunting voice that made the hairs on my arms stand up. His voice sounded like a cross between Biffy Clyro and Maverick Sabre.

Looking around the room the crowd was enjoying the gig, bopping their heads, singing along to Lower Than Atlantis’s songs and smiling up at the British rockers. The boys played an array of their songs including; ‘Love Someone Else’ and ‘Another Sad Song’.

Blonde bombshell Nina Nesbitt
Blonde bombshell Nina Nesbitt

After the boys left stage, lead singer Mike stood in the crowd to enjoy the rest of the gig. I had never heard of Nina Nesbitt before now, but the venue was still packed and the crowd were all staring at the stage in anticipation.

Finally after what seemed like an age, 18 year old folky popster Nesbitt came on – armed with her Converses and her voice. This young blonde bombshell had a sweet and genuine stage presence and everyone in the crowd seemed to be charmed by her.

Edinburgh born Nina Nesbitt was asked to support Ed Sheeran on his European Tour after wowing him with her voice, then also asked to support Example after he heard her cover of ‘Stay Awake’. Nesbitt has truly stood out from the crowd with her smooth Folkey Dido-esk sound.

Nesbitt played some of her classics including ‘The Apple Tree’ and some of her new music including ‘Way in The World’.

I thoroughly enjoyed the the night’s acoustic theme and have found two new musicians to add to my I-pod.

Never heard Lower Than Atlantis play? then check out their video for Love Someone Else:

Written by Michelle Stannard and photography by Liz Murray

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