Love Rob Zombie?, then you’ll love ‘Lords of Salem’

If you’ve seen House of Thousand Corpses, Devils Rejects or Halloween you will definitely know what these three films have in common.

Lords of Salem film poster
Lords of Salem film poster

A director whose unique film making style delivers exactly what he aims to achieve – Movies that open your eyes and make even the most crazy person look totally sane.

His love of all things 70’s and horror have landed him another movie release titled ‘Lords of Salem’. Yes Rob Zombie is back and this time he’s bringing a whole new bag of weird and freaky with him!

Set in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, Heidi a radio DJ receives an unexpected record at the station – a supposed “gift from the Lords”. The sound triggers violent memories of the towns gory past within her and Heidi must now work out if she is going mad or if  the Lords really are back to take revenge on Salem?

From the moment I pushed play I was intrigued to see where this would go. Would there be a totally predictable ending? Or maybe a twist that no-one would ever have guessed? Not being an expert on Salem and the witch trials I was eager to watch this film and see what it was all about. Not only because I am a Rob Zombie fan but because this film contained an element of history and myth to it.

There were definitely moments where I was left torn between feeling slightly scared and very confused. Whilst this film had moments of chilling suspense I cant help but feel it was lacking somehow. This is something I couldn’t quite put my finger on – but it was definitely missing that something to give it the wow factor. This element just never came. It’s as if the atmosphere just increased and then….Boom. Nothing.

There’s no denying this is definitely one hell of a weird watch and Sheri Zombie, cast in what seems like all of her husband’s films, yet again plays the part to a T. Hopefully nobody will be put off from watching Lords of Salem despite a slightly damp reception from critics worldwide.

Whether you are a hardcore Zombie fan or you just love horrors this is definitely worth a try at least.

Written by Natalie Sexby

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