Hannibal – hot new TV series

A new psychological thriller has arrived on our screens and its purely mind blowing!

Hannibal tv series poster
Hannibal tv series poster

Based on the book, by Thomas Harris, Hannibal is a thirteen part TV series proving popular both in the US and the UK. There are many famous faces to be seen such as Hugh Dancy (Will Graham), Mads Mikkelsen (Dr Lecter) and Laurence Fishburne (Jack Crawford). There are even a few more surprise ones along the way!

Will Graham, a professor and profiler for the FBI, has a unique talent for being able to walk into a crime scene and enter the killers mind, in turn enabling him and Jack Crawford to work out what kind of person is committing these heinous crimes.

Unfortunately entering the dark evil mind of a killer has its dangerous consequences and  Dr Lecter is on hand to aid him on his journey, being his confidant and “friend”. Though things aren’t always what they seem are they? Will Dr Lecter’s suspicious culinary delights trip him up? Will he be exposed for what he really is? Or will his secrets remain hidden?

Hannibal shows us just how vulnerable and easily manipulated the mind can be. Even the most strong minded people can eventually be broken. Full of twists and turns this programme is definitely not for the easily squeamish or faint at heart.

Every episode contains a new murder, a new death as equally gruesome as the previous one. Even I, with the strongest of stomachs, felt a little queasy at times. The writers of this brilliant TV series have a winner on their hands for sure. I was gripped from the beginning.

It doesn’t let up, it just gets better and better and then before you realize it, season one is finished and you’re left sitting there waiting eagerly for season two!

A must see for all!

Written by Natalie Sexby

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