London Zombie Blitz 1940 – spoiler alert!

It’s the Second World War and the sound of the air raid siren goes off. Fifteen of us are hurried into a small, dull and dimly lit shelter.

zombie girl
zombie girl

In anticipation whilst hearing the bombs drop above, we wait… not knowing what to expect in the following hour of the Zombie Blitz Experience.

A new London tourist attraction has arrived, and it’s not for the faint hearted or the unfit. I warn anyone who plans to participate wears clothes they don’t mind getting dirty and are able to run in.   With both films ‘World War Z’ and ‘Warm Bodies’ released earlier  in the year, the hype of zombies is in the air and now there is a chance to go one step further to experience the horrors of the living dead.

Soldiers vs zombies
Soldiers vs zombies

Participants are guided through an assortment of levels and windy paths by a soldier who’s job it is to get everyone out safely, all of which is underneath Waterloo Station.  Except everything becomes more complex when the discovery of experiments being carried out and a whole population of zombies are being made, not all of which are being contained, and they are coming from everywhere.

There is so much to tell, yet so little I can, for it is an obstacle course with zombies with surprises and unexpected happenings throughout every turn you take.

zombie escaping
zombie escaping

I recommend it to anyone who enjoys attractions such as The London Dungeons, The London Bridge Experience or other  zombie experiences, otherwise anyone who enjoys the feeling of adrenalin and  going into the unknown.

This is a brand new adventure, brought to you by Bunker 51 and Wish. We were the first humans to test this spine tingling zombie fest and you’d be a fool not to give it a go for yourself.

Find out more about Zombie Blitz 1940 and other awesome zombie adventures or to book your tickets now, head over to Wish’s website.

Written by Emily Palmer

Video by Azeem Mustafa

Photographs from Wish


  1. Very cool, though a spoiler warning might be a good idea.

    Shame the video doesn’t thank the company who have made the attraction as well as Wish, would have been a nice touch (been to their SWAT Training one, was AWESOME!).

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’ve now added a spoiler alert warning in the title! We actually got invited to the event by Wish, but Bunker 51 have been mentioned in the review and on our YouTube channel under the video. We are looking into reviewing more and we will deffo give them a decent mention next time around! Keep reading! 🙂

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