Alien Invasion hits Bournemouth!

Take a step into the unknown world of yetis, Daleks and aliens with the Bournemouth International Centre’s (BIC) latest exhibition, Alien Invasion.

The Daleks attack...Exterminate!
The Daleks attack…Exterminate!

On entering you’ll feel as though you’re walking into a Christmas wonderland with fairy lights and shimmering shiny strips hanging from the door. But don’t be fooled for a dangerous creature lurks just beyond, armed with a rather large weapon…argh!

As a huge fan of the Alien films, Red Dwarf and Riddick, I was excited to have the opportunity to loose myself in a whole new world of Sci-Fi.

The whole Alien Invasion exhibition is riddled with remarkable outfits and props from some of the greatest alien related films and shows ever to be shown.

There really is a fun and exhilarating feel to this exhibition. Most of it is interactive, so you can touch things, press buttons and even get ‘exterminated’ by one of Dr Who’s much loved Daleks.

Having a challenging quiz to find the answers to amongst the exhibit also adds to the excitement. I even learnt some new things and was very surprised to discover that film legend Tim Burton directed Mars Attacks.

Mars Attacks...Earth!
Mars Attacks…Earth!

I did always wonder why I enjoyed the awfully cheesy film so much!

I won’t give away too much as you’ll have to find the answers to the quiz yourself when you visit the exhibition.

Alien Invasion comes highly recommended and is one that shouldn’t be missed!

Whether you’re a Thunderbirds fanatic or a Dr Who obsess, there’s something for all of the family at this mesmerising exhibition.

The exhibition is running up until 25 August, so be sure to help save the world from an ‘Alien Invasion’ and book your tickets now on the BIC’s website.

Miss it, miss out…beam me up Scotty!

Words and photography by Michelle Stannard

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