The Lumineers – iTunes Festival 2013

Day 3 of the iTunes Festival 2013 and The Roundhouse is packed to the rafters as The Lumineers take to the stage.

The Lumineers take to the crowd
The Lumineers take to the crowd – Image courtesy of the iTunes Festival 2013

It isn’t that long ago that they played down the road at KoKo, half the size of the Roundhouse, but they still manage to bring an intimate feel to the show.

The band came onto the stage with a backdrop of Grand Central Station with a US flag and chandaliers hanging from the ceiling. Opening with ‘Submarine’, the crowd politely clapped and cheered, but their second number ‘Ain’t Nobodys Problem’, really got the crowd going, with Wesley Schultz encouraging the balcony to get on their feet and join in.

After the first few songs they walked away from their mics to the front of the stage, the whole band launched into ‘Ho Hey’, with the crowd singing along to every word.

Halfway through their set, they explained how it wasn’t too long ago that they were playing alot smaller venues, and they still try to bring that to their shows, and with that, they were off the stage and into the crowd to play a couple of numbers.

With only one album out at the moment, The Lumineers were mixing up old songs with new in their set, and by the sound of the new songs, their follow up album is going to be just as good as the first.

The Lumineers take centre stage
The Lumineers take centre stage. Image courtesy of the iTunes Festival 2013.

I’ve seen The Lumineers a few times now, and each time I see them they just get better. They know how to work a crowd, are talented musicians and play with an intensity rarely seen these days.

I truely believe that even if you are not a Lumineers fan, you will be converted after seeing them live. The catchy songs draw you in, and there is such a fun element about the whole show that I can guarantee will always make you leave their concerts with a smile on your face.

With an encore of 3 songs, finishing with my personal favourite ‘Big Parade’, The Lumineers completely won the crowd over. They are back in the UK in November with a nationwide tour, tickets are on sale now.

If you missed their show, don’t worry because you can watch the whole thing again on iTunes…I already have!

Words by Helen Parish

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