Harmful if Swallowed ‘Allergy’ Review

Harmful if Swallowed
Harmful if Swallowed

Harmful if Swallowed are a Californian pop-punk quartet, who have been around since 2007 when they released their debut album ‘Server’.

The band have had moderate success across the states, and their songs have been featured by MTV and KROQ radio. They have quickly come to the attention of a much larger audience, having toured with the likes of: Green Day, Weezer, Bad Religion and KoRn (to name a few).

Their latest EP ‘Allergy’ reminds me of early 90’s LA punk and features a range of upbeat and melodic tracks that blend seamlessly together although none seem to stand out.

The opening track ‘Far From Here,’ is overloaded and entangled with manic energy that starts out well but then suffers from some major identity issues (which is also consistent throughout ‘Allergy’).

The song seems to have a split-personality and is divided between a distortion-heavy guitar riff with a hard-hitting drum track that sounds like a mash-up of early Green Day and Sum 41, and a cheesy-pop teenage anthem that seems so out of place, it detracts from the original high-octane pace that draws you in to begin with.

I think this band could be great if they didn’t attempt to resurrect the music of the 90’s and just took inspiration from that era to create their own masterpieces.

These are my own personal thoughts, but check them out for yourselves and see what you think:

Words by Alexandra Watt

Photo courtesy of LaFamos PR

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