Wise Girl ‘Just Have To Wait’ EP Review

Wise Girl
Wise Girl

New York female fronted pop-punk band, Wise Girl are about to release their long awaited ten track EP ‘Just Have to Wait,’ to their growing fan base. Since the release of their first three song EP in 2012 they’ve been popular with critics for their upbeat sound and honest lyrics. They’ve even had the honour of performing in some of New York’s most famous venues including ‘The Knitting Factory’ and ‘Mercury Lounge.’

Listening to their tracks, I couldn’t help but liken them to ‘Hey Monday’. I instantly fell in love with the verses but the choruses were a little too pop for me, but still enjoyable to listen to. I liked the lyrics to the second track ‘I’m a Freak’ and I think that many people will be able to relate to them. I think that teens will really appreciate the blunt, honest approach to the song.

We want love not money
We want love not money

‘Leave Me Out Of It’ shows a great build up throughout the song, starting with the acoustic guitar and then adding different instruments as it progresses. The song was well thought about and carefully created in the writing process.

‘Little White Lies’ has a great bass line, that works well with the vocals making the song one of the best on the EP, I personally think the band suits this style and there needs to be more songs like this one.

Overall I think that Wise Girl are certainly wise to the very popular and current sound that makes music right now.  They’ve done really well to have achieved so much in this early stage of their career and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

If you’re crazy for Wise Girl, then check out more of their music on their YouTube channel.

Words by Alexandra Watt

Photos courtesy of LaFamos PR

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