Bowling for Soup – Farewell Tour – Southampton Guildhall – 10/10/13

Bowling for Soup Farewell Tour 2013 - All rights reserved to The Alt Entertainer

What’s that I hear, Bowling for Soup will never be playing in the UK again after their Farewell Tour?

Whether there’s an ounce of truth in it, I just don’t know but at their live show in Southampton’s Guildhall, the pop punksters showed nothing less than love, waves and bra licking fun for their UK fan base.

Having been around nearly 20 years, the wild four piece still have it and heaps more too.

BFS say cheese - All rights reserved to The Alt Entertainer

As you can imagine, having been a fan since a young age, I was overjoyed to be going to finally see them live and local too!

After trying to find somewhere to park, yes Southampton’s a bitch to park in, we (myself and Christy) arrived just in time to see the final song of Patent Pending (PP). I found myself loving the sound of this cheeky and charming American five piece and couldn’t help but bop my head along to their catchy lyrics.

I personally really enjoyed them and think that their sound is very similar to Bowling for Soup’s younger days (not saying that they’re old or anything!).

After Patent Pending left the stage, I headed to the photo pit to get some shots of the Bowling for Soup boys. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and the crowds eagerly awaited the lights to drop and the pop punksters to pounce into action.

Bowling for Soup's leading man - All rights reserved to The Alt Entertainer

The lights lowered and the crowds taunted, “BFS BFS!” in unison, until finally they made their entrance. The Bowling for Soup (BFS) boys certainly know how to entertain and I found myself rolling around in fits of hysterics at their crude wit, crazy bra sniffing antics and their hilarious tales.

I snapped, bounced and sang my lungs out as they performed some of their classics including; High School Never Ends, Stacey’s Mom (originally by Fountains of Wayne – although many think it was always a Bowling for Soup song) and Almost (one of my personal favourites).

The boys also made a fool of a kid who appeared to be all mouth after shouting at them to ‘lick’ a received fan’s stinky bra and laughed at the boy when he threw it back at him and of course he refused to lick it. Although they did give him the chance to redeem himself from his ‘pussy’ status by asking him to come on stage and make their Phineas and Ferb dolls dance as they played their theme tune.

The band giggled as the young boy danced the toys about and even made them head bang, which was legendary!

Bowling for Soup - All rights reserved to The Alt Entertainer

Throughout their two hour set, yes two hours (it was awesome!) one of the Patent Pending boys switched places with Bowling for Soup‘s drummer and guitarist to a few of their songs, whilst the rest of the PP boys drank and served BFS drinks throughout the show.

BFS lead singer Jaret even found the time to introduce a new band that him and his friend are part of, People on Vacation, which the crowd didn’t seem to into (myself included), but nonetheless they still remained hanging onto Bowling for Soup‘s every word regardless.

Finally the crowds were brought back into the show with a BFS version of Baby One More Time (by Britney Spears), followed by a concluding classic of theirs, 1985.

Whilst Bowling for Soup are complete and utter nutters, their Farewell Tour was the most fun I’ve had at a live show in a long time. I guess the question on many tongues is, will they be back?

Well after a show like this, we can hold out hope that they will and just be glad we had a darn great night!

Words and photography by Michelle Stannard
Special thanks to Christy Boxall for her photographic assistance

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