British wrestling comes to town – Wrestling Spectacular – 20/10/13

British wrestling action in the ring
British wrestling action in the ring

Being a fan of WWF Wrestling since a young age, I was curious to see what antics British wrestlers got up to in the ring.

Premier Promotions brought their popular show, Wrestling Spectacular to the Bournemouth Pavilion last week and I was excited to see what the show had to offer.

As Christy and I arrived we were shown to our seats around the ring. The Pavilion was beginning to fill up, music played in the background, and excited kids purchased cheer and boo fingers to interact with the show.

Wrestler James Kenna and I
Wrestler James Kenna and I

The show kicked off when the lights dimmed and the cheesy song, The Final Countdown played. After a few minutes of singing along, the crowd cheered as an oldish looking man stepped into the ring armed with a microphone. He slowly introduced the show, and the first two wrestlers.

The first two wrestling matches had 5/6 rounds, which if you ask me were slightly longer than I had anticipated. I couldn’t but help disappointed as the wrestlers slapped hands, danced around on their toes and put one another in head locks with the only background noise being the occasional taunt from the crowd.

The commentator was rather flat; I expected him to be hyped up and full of energy and of course commentating the show – which he didn’t really do. All negatives aside the kid sitting in front of us made up for it with his home made sign that had WWF wrestlers on the back with ‘I love wrestling’ written in the middle and ‘you suck’ written on the front.

He stood on his chair and shouted, “You suck!” as his favourite wrestlers were losing their fights, and taunted, “Cheater, cheater!” at the top of his lungs as one of the fighters wouldn’t let go of their hold around the other fighter. This in time got the whole audience shouting and taunting the same, along with boos and cheers.

Although the second fight did make me giggle as it featured one of British wrestling’s tallest wrestlers, James Kenna at a staggering 6ft. 8in. tall. This gentle giant tussled with his opponent, and at times sighed at his attempts of picking him up. I routed for James and he soon won his match alongside the crowd’s approval.

Sword-bearing Kenbai
Sword-bearing Kenbai

It wasn’t until the main match that things started to get exciting, and almost to the WWF style which I knew so well. The Japanese sword bearing, Kenbai wowed the crowds with his flips and his sword control skills. He was the first wrestler out, but I knew that that this was going to be a fight worth watching.

Wolf Alexander, the Polish eagle was Kenbai’s opponent and Kenbai wiped the floor with him. He flipped, jumped over him, jumped on him, pinned him down and got the crowd super rowdy. It was like a scene from a Jackie Chan film, yes his moves were as good as that!

Kenbai wore a purple ninja suit with padded shoulders and a mask with a string pony tail on, he looked funny but he seriously kicked butt. At one stage I had to stop myself from jumping up and down screaming, “Get him!”

The final match was equally as entertaining as the previous one. The first wrestler to enter the ring was Iranian star, Behnam Ali who looked like a cross between Jesus and the Prince of Persia.  His opponent was Japanese wrestler, who wore tight pants and not much else. Mind you, most wrestlers never were too into clothes!

They threw each other, kicked, punched and pinned and Takahashi was victorious.

Overall I enjoyed the latter part of the show and with a bit more hype and a better commentation, I think that this Wrestling Spectacular could have contended with WWF. Well maybe with a few more creative outfits and some chair throwing too of course!

I’m off to explore Mexican wrestling soon, let’s hope it has lots more fun and frolics to offer. For now…watch Kenbai in action!

Words by Michelle Stannard

Photography courtesy of Bournemouth Pavilion

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