The show must go on – An Evening of Burlesque

The Folly Mixtures
The Folly Mixtures – image courtesy of An Evening of Burlesque Facebook page

Being a fan of magic, illusions and cheekiness I thought I’d check out my very first burlesque show on 25 October.

An Evening of Burlesque poster - Image courtesy of the BIC website
An Evening of Burlesque poster – Image courtesy of the BIC website

I was very excited to have the opportunity to review An Evening of Burlesque at the Bournemouth Pavilion last Friday evening. The evening promised, ‘All tease and no sleaze.’

On arriving at the Bournemouth Pavilion we (Christy and I) went to pick up our tickets, grabbed some snacks and headed to find our seats ready for the show.

Perhaps I’m a cynic, but I wasn’t sure whether the evening would tantalise my senses, but I’d see what I thought anyway.

The lights dimmed, and the very busy Pavilion cheered as a red head, in a very glamorous corset walked onto the stage to introduce the show.  This foxy lady was going to be our hostess for the evening, and promised a lot of audience interaction and glamour. Known as Miss Ivy Paige, she was previously a burlesque dancer herself but had now upped her game as leading hostess in the show business.

Miss Ivy Paige guided us through the jaw dropping show of fire, magic and hula hooping astonishment. This cheeky, yet charming hostess dominated the stage throughout the show as she introduced acts, belted out great sounding show songs and even brought up a member of the audience to be her carriage as she sang a rendition of, ‘Fever’. We really couldn’t have asked for a better hottie to get the show on the road.

One of my favourite lines of hers was a short and sweet explanation of what burlesque was, “Panto with tits!” Those were her words not mine, and I couldn’t help but laugh and agree.

Some of my highlights from the show were;

Ivy Paige - Image courtesy of An Evening of Burlesque Facebook page
Ivy Paige – Image courtesy of An Evening of Burlesque Facebook page

The Folly Mixtures – a group of three very feisty lasses, each who had their own skilful delights to offer. They brought fun, fire breathing and raunch to the show. I’d say they were like Charlie’s Angels but with lust, bust and 100% more sex appeal.

Described as the James Bond of cabaret, Christian Lee was a magician who slightly resembled Howard from the Big Bang Theory. He brought a lady out of the audience into one of his card tricks, which involved lots of cheese, a giant balloon and a leaf blower. He was very funny to watch and I really enjoyed not just his tricks but his sense of humour too.

My final highlight had to be Chloe Hannah Lloyd. She came onto the stage with hula hoops, and I assumed that she’d just do the standard hula hoop act, but when she started to do flips I soon realised I was wrong. She blew me away! She did hand stands as she span colourful hoops oh her legs, and not just a few either. Chloe took my breath away, and the crowds too by the sounds of their screams and cheers after her set.

Sam Buttery also featured in the show. For those of you who are fans of BBC show, The Voice then you would have enjoyed it. I’m more of a rock fan myself so I’ll remain opinion-less on this area of the show!

What you should know is that I had an amazing time, laughing, staring in awe and leaving with a cheeky smile on my face.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of burlesque, there’s something for everyone in this show.  

Fear not if you missed the show in Bournemouth because there’s lots more happening all around the country. Book your tickets now on the ATG Tickets website.

Words by Michelle Stannard

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