Amberline – The Art of Reinvention ep review

Amberline's ep cover
Amberline’s ep cover

What’s that, a brand new EP from Anberlin?! Well actually, no. It’s not the American rock band, but five very talented guys from Surrey with a suspiciously similar name…

In fact, that’s where the similarities end. Amberline are becoming stars in their own right and thanks to their catchy pop-punk sound and high energy live performances, they’re kicking up a storm in their home-town of Guildford. The band formed back in 2009 and have spent the last 4 years building up a loyal fan-base, playing numerous small festivals, selling out London’s Camden Barfly and supporting the likes of Attack! Attack!, Kids Can’t Fly and We Start Partys. Not a bad string of achievements, it has to be said!


Off the back of their recent success, the boys have just released a brand new EP. Boldly titled ‘The Art of Reinvention’, this latest offering is a refreshing take on old skool pop-punk. All the usual genre-defining influences are here, from New Found Glory to Blink 182, Four Year Strong to Fall Out Boy, making this every teenage girl’s new favourite album. Despite the name it’s hard to see evidence of anything being reinvented here, but that doesn’t stop it from being a damn good EP!

With its slow, steady drum beats and a huge, anthemic chorus, the intriguingly named ‘I’m a Grower, Not a Show-er’ is a gentle start to the six track EP. Layer upon layer of complex guitar melodies showcase the bands musical abilities, whilst the big New Found Glory-esque group sing-along moments prove that these boys really know how to work a crowd. It’s a great track with tons of attitude, but unfortunately it feels like it would’ve been better off placed somewhere in the middle of the EP, in order to make room for something that begins with more of a bang.

And that’s exactly what ‘Years Gone By’ does. Just when things need turning up a notch or two, this fast-paced, catchy little number jumps in and saves the day! Fuelled by the kind of energy that any good pop-punk tune should have, it’s the sort of track that will instantly make you want to leap around the room and shout along to every word. It really packs a punch and it’s up there with the equally brilliant, equally as bouncy ‘When All Else Fails’ as being one of the biggest stand-out tracks on the EP.

‘The Lost and Hopeless’ is yet another of this EP’s little gems. With its impressive soaring guitar solos, infectious hooks and a big sing-along chorus, it’s not hard to imagine this track going down well at a gig. The heartfelt line “I feel so lost and hopeless, I need someone for closeness” will be going round in your head for days after hearing it, making it plain to see why the band are fast becoming known for writing songs that demand attention.

It’s worth keeping an eye on these guys because it’s clear that they’re destined for big things. Although they’re not doing anything that hasn’t already been done before, there’s just something about Amberline that makes you sit up and listen. Maybe it’s the well crafted melodies, maybe it’s the soft vocals blended seamlessly with raw, punchy instrumentals, or maybe it’s just the fact that these are really good, solid rock anthems. Either way, it might not be anything ground-breaking, but it’s music that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Words by Liz Murray

Images courtesy of Buzzin!PR

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