Vienna Ditto ’Ugly’ EP Review

Ugly EP artwork
Ugly EP artwork

Blues, gospel and electronica are genres you don’t hear a mix of too often, I couldn’t even think of a band who were talented enough to pull it off until I heard Vienna Ditto. Hearing the opening of the first track on the EP ‘Ugly’ I was a bit apprehensive as I heard a bunch of sounds being thrown at me from my speakers, then when it reached the first verse I instantly liked the sound.

Vienna Ditto
Vienna Ditto

Hatty Taylor’s smoky voice along with perfectly written lyrics and Nigel Firth’s brilliantly composed music make this band something special. The mood in these songs could fit nicely into a spy movie soundtrack, I could imagine James Bond walking into a dimly lit bar while Vienna Ditto music played in the background and it wouldn’t sound out of place at all.

The band’s history is as interesting as their songs are; Hatty met Nigel in 2000 and was a guitar student of his, but then found the guitar wasn’t really for her so she didn’t continue the lessons. Then 9 years later they bumped into each other in the street and decided to start a band.

They recorded a rough demo which was picked up by the BBC and featured on Radio 1 shortly after. Before they knew it they were playing their second gig on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury. I can see a long career ahead for these two well crafted musicians and I really can’t wait to hear what else they have in store.

To find out more about the band on their website or keep up with what Vienna Ditto are doing on their Facebook page

Words by Alexandra Watt

Image courtesy of Prescription PR

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