Vampires Rock – a glee inspired show!

Steve Steinman's Vampires Rock
Steve Steinman’s Vampires Rock

As a fan of classic rock music and vampires, I thought seeing a comedy vampire stage show seemed like the ideal thing to do on a Sunday evening. Vampires Rock had come to Bournemouth’s Pavilion and I had to tickets to see the show.

Baron Van Rockula and one of his cage dancers - Image courtesy of the Vampires Rock Facebook page
Baron Van Rockula and one of his cage dancers – Image courtesy of the Vampires Rock Facebook page

After making our (Christy and I) way to our seats, we admired the set which featured a giant bat above a rather dark and grand looking entrance. The lights lowered and the show began and after the first couple of songs played I soon realised that perhaps my mum and dad would enjoy this show far better than me.

Created and produced by Steve Steinman, who is well known for his Meat Loaf impersonations, Vampires rock is based in 2030 in a New York club full to the brim of blood-sucking vampires.

The rather simple storyline is centred around Baron Van Rockula (Steinman), who is on the prowl for a new bride and singer for his club.

Whilst Steinman passed off well as a vampire, the song selection had a lot to answer for. A combo of Van Rockula’s cheesy jokes, Bossley the janitor’s super sleazy attitude and hip thrusting and Pandora’s Greece style sounding songs I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching an episode of Glee with fangs, power ballads and the occasional rock song.

On the positive side, I really enjoyed the show’s pyrotechnics, fire eaters, sexy vampy cage dancers and the fangtastic guitarist’s solos from the show’s support band, The Lost Boys.

At the end of the show the audience were encouraged to get up, dance and sing along. I couldn’t help but join in, as Pandora massacred my favourite Alice Cooper song and 7 minutes of Bat out of Hell singed my ear drums.

As a 27 year old who loves rock and metal music, the show really didn’t do it for me. That aside, I think that Vampire’s Rock is definitely one that your mum and even your gran would enjoy.

The show is still touring, so if your folks love power ballads, cheesy musicals and tongue in cheek humour then they’ll love Vampire’s Rock. Book your tickets now on the ents24 website.

Words by Michelle Stannard

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