Bad Wolf – Drowning Beautiful Review

Bad Wolf - Drowning Beautiful EP Cover
Bad Wolf – Drowning Beautiful EP Cover

Bad Wolf is an ethereal and magical alternative rock band from Los Angeles, comprising of the eclectic mix of Kota Wade – Vocals, Tommy O. – Guitar, Tim Falco – Percussion, and Alicia Vigil – Bass. As a newly established band, founded in February 2012, Bad Wolf has already gained a prolific fan base and raving reviews.

Their song, ‘Drowning Beautiful’ is a soft and fantastic song. The music video that is directed by award winning Raiya Corsiglia, begins with the dreamy melody of a xylophone & light harmonising electric guitars. The goddess like voice of the female vocalist Kota is delicate and unique, creating an interesting and haunting fairytale lullaby with soft rock as it’s foundation.

With a catchy chorus accompanied by a visually pleasing music video by an renowned director, this song is a great example of Bad Wolf’s already strong identity which has the potential to bring something original to the alternative rock genre.

Bad Wolf are well worth the listening time. Check out their music video for Drowning Beautiful below:

Words by Cardine Martin

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