Diversity are ‘Limitless’

Diversity doing their thing
Diversity doing their thing

Nearly five years after they first wowed audiences across the country on Britain’s Got Talent, Diversity are celebrating their fourth UK tour, ‘Limitless’. With the success of their previous three tours and nearly half a million tickets later the boys are even more mature, buff and mind blowing than ever!

Perri getting ready to go on holiday
Perri getting ready to go on holiday

Being a huge Diversity fan (and of course Ashley Banjo) I was overjoyed when the opportunity to see the boys perform live again came up. The all breaking, flipping, story telling geniuses were due to tour at the Bournemouth and Christy and I had tickets to see them.

On the day we were due to see Diversity, we turned up at the BIC only to find a venue packed to the brim with dance lovers alike, and they were hyped up and ready to see the boys perform. I couldn’t help but head over to the merchandise stand and buy myself a flashing Diversity wrist band. Did I feel like a big kid? Yes and did it feel good? Yes of course it did!

We were shown to our seat, and might I add that they were very good seats. We had a great view of the whole stage and I couldn’t help but fidget with excitement waiting for the show to begin. The lights went down and Diversity popped up on a big screen to tell the story so far. Their ‘Limitless’ tour was to continue the story from their previous tour, ‘Digitized’.

The show was full of amazing dance moves, fire, electricity, magic and timeless story telling. As the story of the show unravelled we were zapped into different worlds and transported between centuries as the ultimate battle between good and evil – the protectors and the destroyers exploded into full throttle.

The amazing Acropolis
The amazing Acropolis

There were laughs, love, smiles and tears as Diversity fought as Protectors to save the world from the Destroyer. My eyes were locked in awe as I was taken on an exhilarating ride through the story, from the start, right the way to the end. Their motto rang out throughout and I’m sure it inspired many to ‘dream, believe, achieve’.

Another thing that was quite obvious was how much the youngest members of the Diversity boys had grown and matured. Mitch was no longer a baby faced kid, but instead was muscular and pretty quick on his feet and Perri was taller, had a deeper voice, but had obviously kept his quirky comical side.

Like many of the other shows that Diversity have done, no show would be complete without a heap load of music, dance and magical talent. I really felt like they had outdone themselves with the high calibre of talent in this tour though.

James More performing an amazing illusion
James More performing an amazing illusion

My personal favourite guests were Acropolis – with their astonishing strength, dance moves and gymnastics, Kieran Gaffney – and his absolutely out of this world drum playing talent, James More – he literally blew my mind with his Houdini style illusions, Jonny Stranks – a previous member of Britain’s Got Talent troupe Spelbound, his skills fit right into place when dancing with Acropolis, Michael Jablonka – a London boy who plays guitar like a 21st century Jimi Hendrix, Theo McKensie – he’s cute, does the best mini moonwalk I’ve ever seen and is known to many as the mini king of pop and finally Antoine Marc – he played the bad guy but his ballet skills are impressive and pleasing to the eye.

All in all I had an amazing time clapping, laughing and having my mind blown. If you haven’t seen Diversity then you’ve missed a trick. Fear not though, it’s never too late to be blown away by these dancing sensations.

Their Limitless Tour is still dancing its way around the UK so grab your tickets, and prepare to be taken to places you’ve never been before!   

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