Drop Dead launch new Sega Mega Drive Collection

Drop Dead store
Drop Dead store

On Friday 6th December, we (Myself – Cardine and Azeem) had been invited to attend the launch party of the edgy clothing company Drop Dead UK, showcasing their latest Sega Mega Drive Collection in London’s West End. Drop Dead UK has been established since 2005 and has two British branches, one in London and the other in Sheffield.

Azeem (our cameraman) in action at the launch
Azeem (our cameraman) in action at the launch

Arriving at their shop I was greeted by an artistic window display. There were printed statement pieces of clothing, with game controllers dangling from above, over a small retro television showing a montage of the old school Sega Mega Drive games of the 90s such as Golden Age, Ecco the Dolphin, and Streets of Rage, which brought a sense of nostalgia and revived the stagnant gamer girl inside of me.

As I entered into Drop Dead my first impression was that it is a very compact shop but every inch of it had an intriguing creative element to it. To maintain the party atmosphere there was a DJ by the counter mixing unknown techno beats.

The left of the shop had a rail of uniquely designed items of clothing with printed clothing of the Sega Mega Drive video game classics, of which I hadn’t seen or appreciated much before. Forget about the popular Mario and Space Invaders shirts, they drew attention to the hidden gems of the gaming world by immaculately capturing its essence on to their clothing. Two shirts that particularly caught my eye were a stunning blue Ecco the Dolphin and a Streets of Rage shirt. Encased by the counter at the bottom of the shop was a colourful pick ‘n’ mix collection of Drop Dead’s statement accessories including rings and cute mobile phone cases.

Retro gaming corner
Retro gaming corner

On the right side of the shop was the female clothing section which was considerably more interesting. There was a photo collage of Drop Dead’s collection on a table top which was stacked with a variety of free pizza and crates of free beer. The main entertainment of the party without a doubt was the playable Street fighter game connected to another retro television. A subtle line formed by the TV and I got the chance to be engrossed into the virtual world of sandy landscapes, battling against the old familiar tormenting creatures with the jump-attack-grab combo. It was a great chance to socialise with fellow gamers and exchange our memories and passion for playing the Sega Mega Drive video games.

Although, the Drop Dead launch party was more of a casual gathering of fashionistas, journalists and game fanatics, I really enjoyed the brand’s individualistic style, and the quality of all of their products. The attention to detail is apparent, offering attire that is not only trendy, unique and high quality but also wearable day to day.

I am certainly looking forward to this brand’s upcoming collections, which I have confidence will be equally as inventive as this collection.

Words and photography by Cardine Martin

Video by Azeem Mustafa

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