A day with the cast and crew of Rock Band VS Vampires

rock band vs vampires film poster
rock band vs vampires film poster

We all love a good vampire film and Rock Band VS Vampires is set to be right up there with the likes of Underworld and Blade. Written by Malcolm Galloway and directed by Malcolm (who is a Dr by day – a man with many strings to his bow) and Raed Abbas, who is also the director of photography (he also runs a successful video games design company) this fangtastic film promises mighty fine talent (with the looks to accompany), a great storyline, stunts (and yes they were done by the cast themselves), a pretty awesome ass kicking rock band and some vampy style venues that it was filmed at. I’d say they were enough reasons to watch the film when it is released in the summer of 2014.

Azeem (our trusty and very talented videographer) and I (you know who I am, the editor person who runs this Alt Entertainer malarkey) headed over to the very awesome Zigfried Von Underbelly in Hoxton Square (it was the most awesome venue I’ve ever stepped foot into) to find out more about Rock Band VS Vampires and to interview the cast – it had to be the most entertaining and funniest interviewing session that we’ve ever had! The cast and crew are a really awesome bunch!

Check out our video and see what you think for yourselves – I guarantee that you’ll be in stitches as much as we were!

Words by Michelle Stannard

Video by Azeem Mustafa

Image courtesy of the Rock Band VS Vampires Facebook page

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