Peter Pan on Ice a Pan-tastic show

Captain Hook and his crew
Captain Hook and his crew – Photography by Wendy at

Marvel at the Russian Ice Stars in their adaption of J M Barrie’s much loved magical adventure, Peter Pan. This action packed story will take you to Neverland where you’ll meet pirates, Indians, Peter Pan and of course everyone’s favourite baddie, Captain Hook in their ice-skating adventure.

Valdis Mintals as J M Barrie
Valdis Mintals as J M Barrie – Photography by Wendy at

I went along with family and friends to enjoy the winter magic at the Bournemouth Pavilion. I must say that I was very impressed that they were able to create an ice-rink on the stage there. After catching up with some of the talented cast and crew before the performance, I discovered that this was their smallest ice stage that they had ever performed on. This made it more of a spectacle, being that they were still able to still do so many amazing spins and rope tricks that made up the show!

The story was told through a pirate radio show, Jolly Roger Fm using the presenter Bob the Buccaneer to keep us up to date with what was happening in the story. This was funny at times although I couldn’t help but feel, if he had used more of a pirate voice then it would have fitted its purpose far better.

This aside I really did thoroughly enjoy watching the story of the boy who never grew up unfold and come to life. I especially loved the way they incorporated Valdis Mintal to play J M Barrie. He dominated the ice and his graceful glides and spins ensured that I wouldn’t take my eyes off of him. He is a truly magnificent skater! It was really great to see the writer being brought into the story, and how they expressed his book coming to life as he wrote and was interwoven with all of the other characters.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan
Tinkerbell and Peter Pan – Photography by Wendy at

Peter Pan on Ice not only boasts stunning choreographed fights scenes, but also a spinning fire hula hoopist , rope tricks that make you cling to the edge of your seat, music that soaks its way into your soul and an outstanding selection of talented skaters.

Tiger Lilly was pretty and light on her feet, Tinkerbell was magical, her outfit was beautiful and she portrayed the deviant, jealous and lust filled emotions with ease, Peter Pan was cheeky, bouncy and exactly how you’d expect him to be – they couldn’t have chosen a better Peter, Michael and John – Wendy’s hyperactive and playful brothers were played to a tee and finally Captain Hook was evil with just the right amount of charm needed for such a role. Although Hook’s character did look a bit like Sylar from Heroes!

Of course every fairy tale wouldn’t be the same without his happily ever after, and this one most definitely had that. I’d highly recommend getting some tickets for this show; it’s one that you’d be a fool to miss out on.

Peter Pan on Ice is a marvellous magical ice fuelled adventure that will be touring the UK until May 2014. Find out where your local performance is and join the fun.

Words by Michelle Stannard

Photography by Wendy at

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