John Lennon – music on a whole new level!


It may sound cliché coming from a Scouser but I love John Lennon, so when I heard that Universal were releasing ‘Imagine’ onto a new music format I had to have it. High Fidelity Pure Audio is designed to bring you the best music listening experience and allows you to listen to the music as if it was being played live right in front of you.

Before even putting the disc on I could tell just by the box that it was going to bring a new dimension to music listening, as it is played using Blu-ray technology (which has already transformed the movie watching experience.) The inside sheet folded out and instead of just including the lyrics to Lennon’s popular songs I was given a short insight into how the album came about, which I found to be a really interesting and a nice touch.

On the back of how the album was made were the lyrics of the songs included on the disc, the only criticism I have about the text is that it is quite small and needs to be made bigger even if this jeopardizes the number of images of Lennon included. Also inside the disc case is a coupon that allows you to digitally download the tracks from the album by using a code, so you’re not cheated out of loading the songs onto your MP3 player.

When I put the disc into my PS3 I was greeted with the list of songs down one side of the screen with 3 different audio output options underneath (so you can choose the best option for your TV) and an image of Lennon sitting by his white piano on the other.

It took me a while and a really keen ear to hear the difference in quality between this new medium and a CD but the more I listened the more I could hear slight differences to the instruments. The music and vocals were enhanced and I was able to hear the songs clearer than before. With this being a Blu-ray disc I expected at least a different image for each song but the primary one stayed.

I would’ve liked to have seen a few clips of Lennon at the side, bonus material or even just the lyrics because then it’d differentiate a lot more from its CD counterpart. Although saying this I can see a place for a Blu-ray/ CD/ Cassette/ Vinyl player combo with specialised speakers to bring more to the sound and allowing you a wide range of music choices.

Overall I really like the album quality and all the things included and I would definitely buy a High Fidelity disc from my other favourite artists.

Words by Alexandra Watt

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