London Anime & Gaming Con 2014: By Fans For Fans


London Anime Con and London Gaming Con will team up to become one event, London Anime & Gaming Con this 8-9 February. Set in an expanded venue, some top guests have already been confirmed, these include Colleen Clinkenbeard – the Voice of over 100 anime/gaming titles such as Luffy from One Piece, Gohan from DBZ, Riza Hawkeye in Fullmetal Alchemist and Lilith from Borderlands 2. The gaming shall also be expanded, with a number of gaming exclusives and a dozen big tournaments in the Game Tournament Zone with almost £1,000 worth of prize-support.mascots1


Gaming shall feature the community lounge, a place for gamers to chill-out with 100s of retro and modern titles to choose from. Meanwhile everyone is invited to take part in the Game Tournaments Zone. Twelve tournaments will test gamer’s skills to the max with almost £1,000 worth of prizes up for grabs with Game and various gaming companies supporting.

Fame will be assured to each winner as they go up on the Community Hall of Fame complete with award certificates. Tournaments will include League Of Legends, Street Fighter IV Arcade, Minecraft, Halo 4, Dead or Alive 5, Call of Duty 4, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, DDR, Marvel v Capcom 3, Blazblue and more. The gaming community will be further catered for with the now-infamous Gaming Quiz with hardcore gaming questions, fun and random gaming challenges, gaming-inspired musicians and the Sunday video game party.


Cosplay events, stars and community will form the basis of the cosplay line-up as part of the event’s drive to become the home of UK Cosplay. Over a dozen of the best cosplayers from the UK and Europe, which include Stacey Rebecca, Kelly Jean and Tabitha, shall be bought together to guest at the event and showcase their amazing costumes.cosplay

Attendees will also be invited to participate in contests which will include the Cosplay Masquerade with the winner getting a £100 cash-prize. The Otaku Fashion Show shall also take place on the Saturday, offering attendees and aspiring models the chance to show off their unique style, be it lolita, goth, steampunk or anything different and special. 


Guest of honour, Colleen Clinkenbeard, the voice of over 100 anime and gaming titles will be doing Q&As as well as an exclusive free signing session on the Sunday of the event. Meanwhile, the Anime Cafe shall show an entire schedule of anime courtesy of MVM Films. It shall be a great chance to see what’s up and coming and what to add to your watch list when you get home!

You can also expect a wide range of anime and gaming merchandise, DVDs, manga and more. Some of the UK’s best known manga and comic artists will also be attending including Sweatdrop Studios, who will be holding a series of workshops and portfolio sessions at their table for manga artists. 


This is the party convention, with an amazing party atmosphere. As part of this there will be a massive party planned for each night going on to 1am as part of your ticket. There will also be a lot of fun and entertaining events such as the Clan Battle Showdown, Baka No Gameshow, Karaoke and more. There will also be a full line-up of live-music and bands in the evening. 

This is just a small sample of what London Anime Con has on offer. You can find out more about the fun and frolics planned and book your tickets on the London Anime & Gaming Con website.

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