The Blackout hit Bournemouth – 28/1/14


Arriving just in time to see the second band of the nights set, I was amazed at just how small the crowd were at The Old Fire Station. It seemed like the perfect venue for an alternative gig, with an atmospheric buzz that was enough to blow a roof off!LOST ALONE-2

Although they were a small crowd, Derby boys, Lost Alone quickly turned them into a excited huddle of jumping gig-goers. Lead singer, Steven Battelle bouted out a rather large voice for such a small guy and the fans loved him!

They performed the likes of ‘Say no to the world’ and  ‘Do you get what you pray for?’ – this being just a taste of just some of the material from their new album. Lost Alone were riftastic! They’re the hot new kids on the block, and their crowd pleaser, ‘Love will eat you alive’ revealed exactly why they’re ones to watch out for this year. The Lost Alone boys definitely were the ones to set the stage for The Blackout!

There was a short wait and a stage reset before the lights dimmed and The Blackout’s infamous chant played as they stepped into the darkness. By now the venue had filled up more and the excited crowd jumped, thrashed and sang along as the Welsh rockers did their thing!BLACKOUT-1

One thing that was immediately clear was that lead vocalist, Sean Smith was an entertainer. Throughout the set Smith blurted out cheeky jokes, joined the mosh pit in the crowd and worked his signature mic licking into the gig.

Performing the likes of ‘I’m a riot, you’re a fucking riot’ and ‘Higher and higher’ these boys really do know how to please their crowd, regardless of its size! Smith and his partner in crime, Gavin Butler jumped and thrashed around the stage and truly entertained the whole venue.

The boys even introduced a new twist to the traditional ‘Wall of death’ by inciting a ‘Crawl of death’. This involved their fans making a mosh pit on all fours. It was very funny to watch as a pile of sweaty bodies built up and crashed together. This was one of my highlights of the night, and one I shall not forget for a long time!

Smith shouted some words of inspiration, “Never let anyone stop you from doing what you love!” before the crowd turned into a sea of swaying arms as The Blackout performed ‘Hope’.BLACKOUT-CRAWL OF DEATH-1

Nearing the end of the show, as the boys changed songs, Smith performed a short rendition of The Vengaboys’ song ‘We like to party’ followed by part of a Korn song. Everyone giggled as a very energetic Smith jumped around the stage as he sang them!

Being someone who has gone to many gigs, it tends to take a lot to impress me and this gig definitely did that and more. Song after song, I bounced, moshed my head, giggled and sang along as The Blackout gave one hell of a show!

As the gig came to a close, the boys performed ‘Start the party’, which was a great high to end the night on. The song even inspired the crowd to start a conga line around the venue, which made Smith laugh as he sang.

I think that Butler and Smith gave a great crowd pleasing show. They work really well vocally as a duo and they bounce off of each other’s energy. Although the show wouldn’t be possible without their band Rhys Lewis, Matthew Davies, James ‘Bob’ Davies and drummer, Snoz Lawrence.

I had fun and I really can’t wait to see what more the crazy bastards who call themselves ‘The Blackout’ have to bring to 2014.

Check out more photos from the gig below:

Words and photography by Michelle Stannard

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