Mayday Parade – Liverpool 02 Academy – 2/2/14

Mayday Parade
Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade’s headlining show made its way to the Liverpool O2 Academy stage performing in front of a sold out crowd. Many people queued at the box office in vain as they were just turned away, the show was being held in the smaller room of the venue but with the demand it could’ve easily been bumped up to the large room.

Divided By Friday
Divided By Friday

For the lucky people that had tickets the doors opened at 6pm and within half an hour the opening band ‘Divided By Friday’ started their set. Lead singer, Jose Villanueva, had a Patrick Stump quality to his voice and made the music sound like pre-hiatus ‘Fall out Boy.’ The music behind was a mix between pop punk and popular chart music, making the band stand out from similar bands in the genre.

Jose spoke about how it was the bands UK tour début and expressed his gratitude towards Mayday Parade for bringing them on the tour. The song ‘Relapse’ stood out for me and really made me interested in the band. I hope to hear more from them and hope that they step back onto British soil soon.

UK band ‘Decade’ then took over and played their set, although I couldn’t hear anything over the bass volume. They had a great stage presence but I would’ve liked to hear all of the instruments – I’m not sure whether it was the band or the venue to blame for poor sound, but for now I’ll leave it at that.

Mayday Parade
Mayday Parade

‘Man overboard’ were the last support act and seemed like a popular choice to the crowd. I like how the music was put together within each song and the fact that there are two vocalists. Although at times the vocals seemed nasally, I suppose it’s appreciated in this style of music.

‘Mayday Parade’ opened the set with their recent single ‘Ghosts’. The beginning of the song lulled the crowd but also made their anticipation grow as they knew the music was about to kick in. The band used the small stage well but I would’ve liked to have seen them on a bigger stage as it felt slightly cramped.

The second song was 5 year old single ‘Jamie All Over’ which fans went crazy for. I could feel the energy wash over the stage and encourage the band to put their all into it. Throughout the whole show the fans were kept engaged, making it an enjoyable night for all.

I highly suggest checking out all these bands on YouTube and that you ensure you don’t miss them next time they roll into your town.

Check out more photos from the gig below:

Words and photography by Alexandra Watt

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