The Nutcracker comes to Poole

Nutcracker 2

From the moment the orchestra struck up and the curtains opened, I was transported back to a magical Victorian Christmas scene. It was resplendent with Christmas tree, fine clothes and family and friends meeting up and exchanging gifts. The atmosphere spoke for itself, engaging the audience right from the start.Nutcracker 1

The well designed set drew me in to the central stage and the plot unfolded. The Moscow City Ballet Orchestra were superb and the Russian dancers were the icing on the cake, performing breathtaking and surprisingly touching or amusng dances throughout.

The main character Clara, played by Anna Ivanova, gave an amazing performance as the little girl. Her expressions on her face and in the way she danced were childlike and agile, and it helped the audience to feel the wonder as she experienced the sequence of dreams. From the fairy dances, superbly performed by a range of equally talented ballerinas, to the simple act of receiving her Christmas gift, Clara blew me away!Nutcracker 3

Professional performances were offered by all, especially by Sergei Saliev, who played the magician. He was handsome, magical and added extra enchantment to the story.

The mix of humour, wonder, and charming performances make this show one that shouldn’t be missed. It boasted a huge entertainment value in a true escapist form. I had a wonderful evening as did the rest of the audience, as the well deserved lengthy ovation revealed at the end of the show.

The Moscow City Ballet’s Nutcracker is a fine explosion of awe and magic that it suitable for audiences of all ages – from 4 – 80+. Don’t miss out on the action, head over to the Moscow City Ballet’s website to find your nearest performance.

Words by Tracy Boxall and photography courtesy of the Lighthouse, Poole.

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