Grouptones – the ultimate social network for musicians


As all musicians know beginning to learn how to play an instrument can be quite a daunting task. The hours of dedication in order to master it takes great hard work and enthusiasm. So, here you are, you’ve learnt your desired instrument and you want to show the world your talent. Enter Group Tones. If you think of it as a cross between Star Now and Facebook dedicated to music makers, then you’re not far off.

Group Tones is a location-based social network for musicians. Meaning that if you are currently searching for future band members, or you would like to collaborate with someone in your area, you have your choice of musicians that take your fancy. Group Tones boasts an international community of over 4,500 members, creating their own user profile to represent their skills and what they are interested in.

If you are a musician interested in joining a band or just making music with others, then Group Tones serves as a platform for you to do so. The website allows each user to upload samples of their skills and to rate their playing capabilities in technical ability, play by ear, improvisation and reading music. In a LinkedIn style, users are also able to make ‘connections’ and can be contacted by others interested in their abilities at a click of a button.

Group Tones isn’t only limited for musicians. Established bands are able to promote a project they are working on, whether it’s a drummer they need to complete their band or a guitarist to record a few EP’s, Group Tones is a great way to advertise your musical needs.

It’s easy-to-use interface adds to Group Tones attractiveness, as you can search for what it is you’re interested in and set a mileage ratio of how local you want it. Gigs and events are also searchable, however this isn’t the websites strong point.

Group Tones is completely free for any user to join and allows each user to publicise their personal website, giving interested parties the chance to find out more about the musician they’re interested in.

The more you navigate around the website, the greater the thought comes into your head as to why more websites have not been created similar to Group Tones. A social community of musicians can only help all independent artists that wish to establish a foot within the industry. Or maybe you’ll just like to meet up with fellow music lovers and  play on a weekly or monthly basis.

Whatever your need is, Group Tones is a great platform to unite musicians across the world and is a website that will only get more popular as time goes by. 

Words by Matthew Rathbone



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