Russell Kane brings ‘Smallness’ to Bournemouth

Russell Kane - Avalon
Russell Kane – Avalon

Having previously seen Russell Kane on Britain Unzipped with Greg James, I was intrigued to see him perform on his own tour. Noting that Russell was due to bring his Smallness Tour to the Bournemouth Pavilion, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see first-hand what his comedy was like live.

Russell Kane - Avalon
Russell Kane – Avalon

Googling his tour before the show (as you do), I was intrigued by the concept of keeping things small when life gets big. I was very interested to see how Russell would portray this through his comedy.

Touring with Russell Kane was Omar Hamdi, not a name I had heard before but certainly a name I would want to remember by the end of the show!

Arriving just before the show began, we (Christy and I) made ourselves comfortable in our usual good view review seats with our pick and mix and prepared to laugh our socks off. Omar Hamdi certainly did not disappoint. He really was the kind of comedian that I could uncontrollably laugh all day to.

His political jokes were genius but so true. In Iran the head of the country always looks the same, just changes head scarf, whereas in the UK they all look the same but they just change their tie! As I said, genius!

He went on to crack the whole packed Pavilion up with his jokes about his Welsh/Egyptian heritage, people who live in Essex who wear fake tans and eye lashes, how 10cm of British rain is a wave, burkas and the reason why the UK debt is now £2 trillion high, because Maggie Thatcher took out a £50 Wonga Loan all them years ago.

Christy and I with Russell Kane
Christy and I with Russell Kane

Aside from his jokes that were stepping on the line, but not quite crossing it, he dominated the stage with his big personality and his bouncy energetic striding. Omar Hamdi is one to go and see this year if you haven’t already, and if you haven’t heard of him yet, you will have very soon!

After a short interval, Russell Kane bounced onto stage and it was immediately obvious that he had done his research by his opening, “Ladies, gentlemen and people of Boscombe…”  Already the audience were eating from the palm of his hand.

It’s amazing how much Russell Kane has managed to fit in, with everything he is doing at the moment. One of these things is a very important campaign that he went on to talk about at the beginning of the show, which is his campaign to #SaveBBC3. His campaigning to save the channel has meant that he has been appearing on every current affairs show imaginable.

Kane then goes on to the main subject of the show. He uses Smallness to explain how Brits are obsessed with their own insignificance. As well me making me literally piss myself laughing, he’ll also really made me think about things. With a combination of his funny little back kicks, camp hand gestures and his laugh out loud stories Russell Kane is definitely up there with the rest of the big guns!

During the show, the audience were always involved. Kane spoke to audience members from Columbia and the USA to draw material from, as well as some young people. One of my favourite parts of the show was when he was explaining life in steps, and that we all want the next stage of life, but when we get there we try to claw it back. It was very interesting.

I can’t help but feel inspired by Russell Kane. As someone who was also brought up on a council estate, I can identify with some of his stories, and feel that he stands out more because he has worked hard to get where he is now!

Overall both Omar Hamdi and Russell Kane offered a brilliant night of comedy. I would definitely recommend going to see the Smallness Tour. My highlight of the whole evening was meeting Russell Kane after the show; he’s such an awesome and genuine guy.

To check out where your local show is visit the Russell Kane website or to support the campaign to #SaveBBC3 sign this petition

Words by Michelle Stannard and photography courtesy of Avalon

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