New Politics ‘Harlem’ – A Soundtrack for the Summer?

To say a band is experienced after appearing on the scene just four years ago seems as peculiar as the idea of Susan Boyle head banging at an ‘Asking Alexndria’ gig (something we’d all maybe find amusing to witness). However, in today’s music industry all it takes is one catchy melody to turn a band or artist into a household name.

NP _MG_5234 R1


Since 2010 Danish rockers ‘New Politics’ have seen their profile rise and now with two studio albums under their belt, they’ve delivered ‘Harlem’, arguably their most notable and catchy song.

With the sun deciding to shine its pretty face over England this week, you may have found yourself wondering what your 2014 summer hit will be. Well, I think you need look no further than ‘Harlem’.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t quite do justice to the originality of the song. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the worst video you will ever lay your eyes on, it’s just that the background love story, which crosscuts the band performance shots is somewhat predictable. However, that being said the video does compliment the unquestionable excitement and energy that is ‘New Politics.’

When an overseas talent makes their journey to the promise land, there is always a fear that a producer will turn their original, rare sound into a mainstream bore fest. Luckily this hasn’t happened to ‘New Politics’. In fact they are slowly gaining momentum in their quest to establish themselves in the UK rock scene with ‘Harlem’ featuring on the soundtrack to EA Sports hit game ‘NHL 14’,

There are also efforts to crack the US with news that they will join Paramore and Fall Out Boy on their joint American Monument tour starting in late June this year.

And so with that, I ask you, what are you waiting for? Get out into this rare March sunshine, stick ‘Harlem’ on repeat, soak up those rays and get ready for the summer!

Words by Matthew Rathbone and video taken from YouTube.
Photo courtesy of Sony Music.

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