The Circus of Horrors – Not one for the faint hearted! – Bournemouth Pavilion – 17/3/14

As someone who loves, fire skills, acrobatics and music, I was sure that The Circus of Horrors would have lots to offer me. As a venue I felt that Bournemouth Pavilion was perfectly suited to host the show, with its size and adaptable stage it meant that a wide array of acts could take place on it. Now all I had to do was to take my seat and enjoy the show!

© 2014 Parkin Photography - Sinister Sisters
© 2014 Parkin Photography – Sinister Sisters

As the lights went down, a spot light ran around the venue and ghouls clambered across the seats where the crowds sat, which I felt was a nice touch. A parade of priests and the other acts walked down the aisles throwing holy water at the audience, as they made their way to the stage. Then the show was kicked off with the flamboyant Rocky Horror style Ringmaster ‘Dr Haze’ singing ‘Welcome to the Carnival’ with his band, ‘Interceptors From Hell’ to back him up.

© 2014 Parkin Photograph - Hannibal the sword eater
© 2014 Parkin Photograph – Hannibal the sword eater

The band sounded really great, with their rifftastic rock and roll sound and a very steam punk styled look to accompany it. Although I would say that it was very difficult to hear the words of the song, as the music volumes weren’t quite right. I think had this been tweaked, for me the whole show would have been amazing!

Alongside Dr Haze, the show offered Camp Dracula who was a warm hearted soul with winged ears and pointed teeth. He added a fangtastic charm to the show that was opposed to Dr Haze’s psychedelic mischievous ways.

I preferred the second half to the first, as it was faster paced and there was more fire and danger. One of the eeriest parts of the show had to be the possessed contortionist. The way he moved sent spine chilling shudders down my spine as he moved his joints in 360% rotations and crawled around the floor like a demon. I especially liked how he disappeared into a bed of hands. It really was like something from a nightmare!

What I must say was done very well was the change over between sets in-between performers, it was very fast and clever – most of the time I didn’t even notice that it had happened. This was clearly very cleverly thought through! As for my favourite performers, well I had a few.

I especially enjoyed performances from the Sinister Sisters who did aerial acrobatics with no harnesses and they truly blew me away! Every time they flipped and hung I gritted my teeth for them, knowing that there was only a hand between them and falling to their death. It makes for very edge of seat watching!

© 2014 Parkin Photograph - Voodoo Warrior Dancers
© 2014 Parkin Photograph – Voodoo Warrior Dancers

Hannibal wowed with his mind blowing ability to swallow sword of all kinds, from jagged edged all the way through to an arched blade – which involved him having to bend his head to get it down his throat. He was one crazy son of a gun!

The Voodoo Warrior dancers were amazing! Their mix of sizes and strengths worked really well. They’re the sort of act that keep you wanting more, and that’s how I felt when the act of triple flips, jumps, fire skipping and limbo finished!

My final mention goes to the balance act because I have never seen anything quite like it. To be able to balance on a tower of rolling tubes whilst walking through hula hoops is indeed an incredible art and I for sure was really impressed!

I really enjoyed my evening of blood, gore and heart stopping action with The Circus of Horrors and I highly recommend it for those of you who are danger junkies and have a strong stomach!

To find your local show head over to The Circus of Horrors website. Don’t miss out!

Words by Michelle Stannard

Photos taken from

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