Professor Elemental to bring some rhyme to Alt Fest

Professor Elemental offers a unique neo-Victorian blend of hip-hop music and comedy. He was first noticed with his track ‘Cup of Brown Joy’ which managed to notch up over one million hits on YouTube. His act provides, music, comedy, audience banter and lots of improvisation – no show is ever the same!


This steampunk styled nutty rapping professor is certainly entertaining and also runs rap workshops – how amazing is that! For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to discover the humour that lies within Professor Elemental lyrics, it’s not too late! With his Victorian spirit of invention and exploration Professor Elemental likes to travel the globe and visit events and festivals, and this year he’ll be performing at the one and only…Alt Fest!

We caught up with him on the run up to the festival to see what he had to say for himself:

The Alt Entertainer (TAE): Tell us a bit about Professor Elemental.

Professor Elemental (PE): He is handsome, a terrific rhymer, has excellent knees, is waited on by an orangutan butler, generally sunny outlook, deluded and has a terrible habit of answering the first question of every interview in the third person.

TAE: Describe yourselves in 3 words?

PE: The Giddy Limit.

TAE: Who are your music inspirations?

PE: Pete Rock & C L Smooth, Viv Stanshall, Tom Caruana, Jon Clark, Dizraeli, Isaac Hayes, Teej, Nas, Clive Dunn, MF DOOM, Morris dancers everywhere.

TAE: What would you say your music style is?

PE: Strong, Steam Powered Hip Hop, with a dash of milk.

TAE: What has been your best gig so far?

PE: Probably whatever is lined up next.

TAE: What’s the craziest thing that you’ve ever been given by a fan?

PE: A big ol’ pair of polka dot pantomime bloomers with a telephone number on them.

TAE: Who/what is your fashion style inspiration?

PE: Tricky. I sort of accidently stole the original professor costume and the other bits have either been given to me or won in raffles. So my influence is fairly broad. I buy my shoes from Shoe Zone. They are cheap and I can get them in bulk.

TAE: What was it like appearing in Phineas and Ferb?

PE: A bit like Christmas.

TAE: What’s your most popular song?

PE: Fighting Trousers I think. I shall have to sing it forever and ever until my voice falls off, but I don’t really mind. I’m just glad someone is listening.

TAE: What’s on the cards for you for the next couple of years?

A great deal. I just tried listing them, but it read like the Christmas list of a spoiled child – so head on over to and find out for yourselves, you lazy sods.

Here’s Professor Elemental’s most popular song, Fighting Trousers for all of you die-hard fans – oh and the newbs too:

The line-up for this year’s festival is pretty darn awesome. Get yourself over to the Alt Fest website to check it out and to buy you tickets. Don’t miss out!

Words by Michelle Stannard, image taken from the Alt Fest website and video taken from YouTube.

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