Russell Howard – Wonderbox at Brighton Centre

I’ve been a fan of Russell Howard since the first time I saw his BBC Three show, Russell Howard’s Good News when it started in 2009. I’ve always liked how Howard differs from other comedians in the sense that he’s charming and he always ends his shows on a positive story.


So as you can imagine, when the opportunity came up to review his show, Wonderbox in Brighton, I was super excited at the chance to see him live. Having never been to the Brighton Centre before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Arriving at the venue after picking up our tickets, we (Christy and I) made our way to find out seats. We were very pleased to be seated just a few rows from the stage, which meant our view was really good!

From the moment that Howard came on stage to the moment he left, the audience were cheering and laughing out loud. I have to say, I thought that Russell Howard really did outdo any expectations that I had prior to the show. His energy bounced around the room, as he rolled out some real ‘from the stomach’ laughable comedy. I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted to meet anyone more than Howard’s mother though, she sounds like an utter legend!

Howard’s jokes left me with tears running down my face. One of my favourites was a story that Howard was telling about taking his mother to a red carpet event. All of the other celebrities were pouting and posing at the press, and his mother ran up to their cameras and gave them all a thumbs up. You’ve just got to love her really!

Much of Howard’s family humour pulled at my funny bones as I was taken back to some of the mean tricks I used to play on my mum and my siblings when I was younger. Although I do believe the solution for his ‘needing sound’ to poo in a public loo is simply to put a shed load of loo roll down the loo before going. It really does act as a silencer. An over share maybe, but a solution well worth a try Mr Howard!

Howard ended the show on a high. He told the story of one of his fans who had cancer who he helped to tick off lots of activities on his bucket list, even agreeing to dress up like a penis for his funeral. It turned out that the young boy ended up getting better and Howard, got the young boy to pose in the penis outfit for a photo to show the audience at the live show. A brilliant story to end a brilliant show!

I won’t be a spoiler and give any of his other jokes away, that’s for you to discover for yourselves. What I will say though is that Russell Howard is definitely a comedian that is well worth seeing live at least once in your lifetime. I laughed my head off all evening and I’m sure you will too!

Russell Howard’s Wonderbox show is still touring, to find out where your local show is or to book tickets head over to the Russell Howard website.

Words by Michelle Stannard

Photo courtesy of Avalon UK



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