A tap-tastic experience – Tap Factory

I’m not a huge tap dancing fan myself, but after seeing Tap Factory at the Lighthouse in Poole last week I think I may have been converted. Tap Factory not just offers tap dancing, but a genuinely comical and fun rhythm based theatre show.

Jérémie Champagne

I was really impressed at the versatility of all of the performers in the show and how they all had a selection of talents. The show as a whole was very wholesome and had the audience interacting and laughing along throughout the show, which made the experience of the evening a highly enjoyable one.Andrea Catozzi

The drumming was immense, and I must say that I am very impressed at how the performers were able to use anything on hand to make a beat with (this included a chair and a step ladder). They were able to produce sounds that I didn’t even know possible from everyday items.

Aside from drumming, the show had some stunning and highly funny tap dancing sketches with flips, and smooth moves to accompany it. I had a favourite dancer, Jérémie Champagne who reminded me of an all dancing Charlie Chaplin. I was very impressed at how light he was on his feet and how much he made me laugh during every part of the show that he was in. His moves were sleek and he offered a breath of fresh air into the show.

The show also boasted an aerial dance display, although brief this was done very elegantly. Alongside this I thoroughly enjoyed the acrobatics from the very talented Andrea Catozzi. The way he effortlessly triple back flipped on the spot, and walked on his hands was outstanding.

All in all Tap Factory offers a great evening of laughs, fun and audience participation. I highly recommend checking this show out, as it’s one I’d definitely love to see again!

Words by Michelle Stannard.

Photos taken from the Tap Factory Facebook page.


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