Hanna – not just another action thriller!

As I sat in a half empty cinema I began to sigh and think to myself, yet another action thriller I’ve been dragged to. Just as I had finished rolling my eyes at my Dad who sat there in excitement, the film began. My first thoughts were that the cinematography was amazing. I was wowed by such an opening that for the entire film I felt bad for judging the film by its trailer. We all do it though; the trailer sets the films’ standards, whether we want to spend a fortune watching it at the cinema or just waiting until it’s in the sale in the supermarket.


Hanna, is an action thriller directed by Joe Wright, starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. It’s all about a girl who is brought up to be an assassin, and her discovery of the world, while fighting lots of baddies and being on the run. Hanna’s DNA was modified to make her a super-human, as part of an experiment.  This adds a touch of sci-fi into the film.

Hanna was brought up by her father; who taught her everything, from fighting to the functionality of a camera obscura. As the film progresses you realise as much as she’s completely intelligent, but she lacks the knowledge of the world. (You realise this as she screams with joy when an aeroplane flies past her for the first time).

The film was fast paced, it didn’t have a slow start, nor did it drag in some parts. I’m usually the type of person to whisper “what’s going on?” to the person sitting next to me, but with this film I was focused the whole time. One thing I loved was that there were many fight scenes, but they were choreographed very well. They were interesting to watch, rather than the generic cliché fight scene. Another thing was the humour within the film, there wasn’t much of it, but when it was present it was witty and quirky.

The soundtrack, by The Chemical Brother’s helped give the film the perfect atmosphere. The music was ideal for the film; upbeat, fast moving and powerful. I’m often complementing a film for its soundtrack, and this film definitely scored full marks!

Fairy tales are a big theme within this film, but the dark kind – the kind you wouldn’t want to be reading to your child. It gave the film a slight scary feel in some parts.

Hanna makes you think about many things; from religion, technology, justice to the world we live in. The film also allows you to be able to empathise with Hanna; you want her to be okay, and to reach the end goal.

I would completely recommend this film, especially if you wouldn’t normally go and watch an action thriller.  Give it a watch, you might just surprise yourself.

Words by Natasha Ward



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