Back to the Future with McBusted at the Bournemouth International Centre

In September 2013 McFly celebrated their tenth anniversary by performing four gigs at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It was at these shows that Matt Willis and James Bourne made a surprise reunion as Busted and joined McFly as their special guests.

McBusted fire sign

Under the name McBusted both bands came together to perform Busted’s Year 3000 and Air Hostess and McFly’s Shine a Light. In November 2013 it was announced that Willis and Bourne would join forces with Mcfly to form the super group ‘McBusted’ for an eleven date arena tour, and perform both Busted and Mcfly songs.


Busted’s third member Charlie Simpson is focusing on his own career, so he hasn’t joined McBusted on their tour. Ah well, I guess that just means there’s an extra seat for me in their DeLorean time machine then!

I was lucky enough to get tickets (thanks to Live Nation) to see McBusted in Bournemouth last week, and for the whole week leading up to the show I was excitedly bouncing around like I was a teenager!

On the evening of the show, there were so many people (of all ages) filling the BIC to the brim eagerly waiting to get into the show.

Being a fan of both Busted (I grew up listening to them) and McFly (I love Tom so much), looking around at all of the different people I could easily gauge who they were more likely here for, although some were probably just like me.

The McBusted DeLorean time machine
The McBusted DeLorean time machine

There were three bands on before McBusted graced us with their presence. Although I can’t say many gigs I have been to have had quite as many support acts, even so I did enjoy them. I will give mentions to all of the support bands as I felt that they were all worthy of a plug, and definitely worthy of a listen.

Salisbury rockers, Young Brando were up first with their melodic beats and lyrics that stick in your mind, followed by the rock band E of E who did a really good version of Michael Jackson’s hit Billie Jean and of course The 3 Dudes, there were three of them, and they were cool 13/14 year old punky surfer dudes with a pop-rock sound.


Then for the main act that we had all been waiting for, which I knew was coming because the whole venue was packed and every single female in the building was screaming. McBusted’s entrance was indeed a spectacular one! They told a video story of how they all got together on the big screens, then appeared on the stage in a flash and band getting out of a DeLorean time machine. What an incredible way to enter!

I was seated on the balcony, so I had a clear view of the sea of fans below and of course the stage. I started to reminisce to my teenage years, and smile with ecstasy as McBusted performed. I screamed and bounced along in my seat as they played the likes of it’s All About You, Sleeping with the Light on and Shine a Light.

They also performed That’s What I Go To School For which involved giant balls being thrown around the crowd, Crashed The Wedding, which involved Tom’s wedding video and Matty in a dress and a grande finale of the song loved by all, Year 3000.

Matty - crashed the wedding
Matty – crashed the wedding

This gig has to have been the best gig of my life so far! The only band that can successfully pass off the Busted bounce are of course Busted themselves, and McBusted did plenty of that.

I had a great time at the show, playing a game with McBusted which involved shouting ‘Penis’ along with the rest of the audience at the top of my lungs, singing along and grinning pleasingly to myself because I had finally got to fulfil one of my teenage wishes, to see Busted live!

Both my teenage and current self combined hope that there will either be a McBusted album or a Busted Tour on the cards in the near future!

If you’ve not had chance to See McBusted yet, don’t worry because there’s still time! They’re still touring, so check out the Live Nation website to find your nearest show and book your tickets now!

Words and photography by Michelle Stannard

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