A Darker Shade of Fado by Nuno Silva – Lighthouse Poole – 26th April

An eerie darkness pervaded the theatre with just a glimpse of light and movement and the scene was set for the evening’s performance of ‘A Darker Shade of Fado’.


The world premier was made up of an exciting mix of melodic music and dance, brought together to entertain us and this was exactly what they did. Slow moving dance was blended with fast energetic bursts as the story unfolded. The show moved from sweet and delicate innocence, to a hot menacing and delightfully blended performance.

Nuno Silva as the Spirit performed brilliantly. His raw physicality and superb dancing really brought his character to life. The other dancers played by Stephanie Dufresne, Matthew Lackford and Sabio Janiak were completely convincing in their roles as the couple and friend.

Stephanie played innocence with an amazing schizophrenic presence. Matthew played the enthralled and repelled equally well and Sabio moved seamlessly through an amazing repertoire of performance and music throughout.

The use of mood lighting, with candles and smoke screens set the scene and complemented the dance, as did the music performed faultlessly and dramatically. I thoroughly enjoyed this exotic evening of entertainment and ‘A Darker Shade of Fado’ comes highly recommended.

For performance details or to book tickets visit the A Darker Shade of Fado website.

Words by Tracey Boxall

Image from the ‘A Darker Shade of Fado’ Facebook page

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