Tonight Alive – ‘The Edge’ EP/Video Review

I have been asked to review Tonight Alive’s new single/video ‘The Edge’, which was written and produced especially for the new Spider-Man film. To say I am behind the curve doesn’t quite cut it. I had not heard of Tonight Alive before this, but from what I understand this is more a reflection of my changing musical tastes than of their level of success. A younger version of myself would probably have loved this band as angsty pop-punk and Spider-Man were both not-so-guilty pleasures during my teenage years.

Tonight Alive - The Edge image

The Edge is punchy and anthemic. Polished guitar lines and an intro heavy on the drums give way to roof-raising vocals from front woman Jenna McDougall. The video is as much a taster for the upcoming film, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Rise of Electro’ as it is for the talents of Tonight Alive. Tantalising action sequences make up the half of the video where the band are not rocking out in a thunderstorm and there are plenty of teasers for the Spider-Man fans among us.

New villain, Electro will likely be a match for Peter Parker as the two duke it out on the big screen, but Jenna McDougall  looks like she could take them both on as she kicks out the jams in hurricane force winds.

After seeing this video I will certainly be making the trip out to see the full film, as I am sure many of you already will have. In the meantime I will be trying my ears out with some more Tonight Alive and attempting to get my finger back on the pulse with more awesome new music.

Check out Tonight Alive’s video for ‘The Edge’ below:

Words by Joe Hitchmough

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