Sizzling hot festival – Chilli Chilli Bang Bang

‘Street Feast’ in Dalston Yard, has become something of a regular watering hole for North London’s agonisingly trendy inhabitants and after attending last this year’s ‘Chilli Chilli Bang Bang Festival’, I’m ashamed to admit, I can see why.

photo 1

A sea of ironic ankle swingers and an abundance of beards greeted us as we entered the sprawling metropolis of street food vendors that adorned Dalston Yard on Saturday (10th May). Having paid 15 of our hard-earned pounds to gain entry, we hoped the self-proclaimed ‘nomadic street food circus’ would live up to expectation…though with 3 free drinks (a Tequila cocktail, a Margarita and a Corona), and a complimentary bottle of Wahaca chilli sauce on offer, they were certainly off to a good start!photo 2

Part of a one-off, chilli themed weekend, ‘Chilli Chilli Bang Bang’ (CCBB) combined a love of eye-watering and impromptu sweating, with some of the most exciting, innovative street food vendors in London to produce a fantastic array of chilli orientated food-stuffs for foodie London to devour. Although CCBB (the brainchild of Wahaca founder Thomasina Miers, street food specialists ‘Tweat Up’ and Jose Cuervo Tequila) was a one-off, Street Feast can be found in Dalston Yard every weekend and is the go-to event for all things street food in London.

Although on first glance you’d be forgiven for assuming you’d stumbled into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Dalston Yard is, undoubtedly, impressive. Having monopolised the space brilliantly, the variety of food and drinks on offer was almost daunting and despite significant crowds, the queues were relatively fast moving. We did wait in what we thought was the bar queue for about 10 minutes before realising (when we reached the front and were handed ribs instead of pints) that the bar was at the other end of the yard… but generally, we got served quickly and efficiently at every station.

So, let’s get to it…the food 

We decided to adopt a ‘little and often’ approach in order to try as many of the stalls as we could. We failed miserably, getting full pathetically quickly and only managing about 5 stalls out of a possible 20. Shameful! However, we did manage to consume;
Pork belly buns from Bao, Mini pork quesadillas from Wahaca, chilli burgers from Slider Bar, inordinate amounts of chips and chilli dip from around the yard and amazing hot naans from Rola Wala. It was pretty spesh!

Were I to pick a favourite, it would have to be the Rola Wala naans. Totally unique and utterly delicious, we went for all three heat options, mild (chicken), spicy (beetroot) and hot (pork) – all were good but the pork was bloody insane. Get down to Street Feast, where they have a regular residency, on the weekend and give them a try. They’re well worth it!

Although it pains me to say it, ‘trendy’ as Dalston may be, I have bought into the hype spectacularly and recommend Street Feast/Chilli Chilli Bang Bang, wholeheartedly.

To find out more about their upcoming food events head over to the Tweat Up website.

Words and photography by Danielle Wilmot

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