Bournemouth 7s Festival – Saturday 24th May – review

Bournemouth 7’s Festival was my first proper festival. I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting, perhaps a little bit of mud, a few drunken people, lots of sunshine, music and entertainment. I was half right. There was mud, and lots of it. I literally got stuck in half a boot deep of it – my poor Chelsea boots got ruined! I refused to wear wellies because I didn’t want them to cramp my style. In hindsight I wish I had, the mud definitely cramped my style. I was covered in it!

Mud, mud, glorious mud!
Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Music surrounded us as we walked around; there were tonnes of tents playing all sorts of music; Hip-hop, rock, indie, 80’s, and old school. There was pretty much something for everyone. Although the main Stage was where all the action was. Everyone was all dressed up in ridiculous costumes, and were dancing around like maniacs; it was amusing to witness. My favourite live acts were Funk You, and Showhawk Duo. My goodness Showhawk Duo were awesome! 

Fancy yabadaba dress
Fancy yabadaba dress

They are an all acoustic guitar duo from Bristol. I haven’t heard anything like them before, ever. They played an array of well known songs, mixing them together and creating intense sounds. Daft Punk and Queen were amongst their tunes. They played their guitars like there was no tomorrow. They even used them like drums, and played them so fast I couldn’t keep up.

I have to say, they are probably one of the best acoustic acts out there. Funk You were very cool, they performed more mainstream songs but giving it a slight punk/rock feel. It’s always great when a band twist, and shake up classic songs; giving them a new sound.

Sports were the main feature of the festival. I was surprised at my level of enthusiasm and excitement as I sat there in the cold watching rugby. I had no idea about the rules or how to play, I still don’t, but it was exciting to watch none the less. I found myself sighing in suspense when they scored, or gasping in shock at the amount of physical contact (wrestling it seemed).

Dodge ball
Dodge ball

Dodge ball was another one of my highlights. Having played Dodge ball at school, I knew how to play, that doesn’t mean I was any good at it however. Whenever I played it I was always hiding in the corner, hoping I didn’t get hit! There was none of that at Bournemouth 7’s; all the teams were in it to win it. There was some awesome dodging, great throws and lots of ducking for cover.

The teams didn’t have a lot of space to play it; the blow up arena was tiny, so credit to them for dodging all those balls that were flying at high speed. One team were dressed up in bow ties, braces and high waisted shorts; a real geeky look. Anyone who dresses as a geek while playing Dodge ball is definitely doing it right.

After all the walking around, checking out all the action, trying yummy food and getting muddy, we settled down at the Camden Tent for some down time. I was attracted to the tent by the vintage bicycle that stood by the front, and the indie/rock tunes that came blaring out it. This was just my kind of thing; you’ve got to love a good old vintage bike and some indie tunes.

Showhawk Duo
Showhawk Duo

There were mismatched sofa’s spread out around the tent to relax and chill; a time to reflect on the day. I enjoyed my first experience of a music and sport festival.  A festival like this is definitely enjoyed best when you’re in a large group of friends and/or when you’re in a drunken state. The live bands and Dodge ball were most definitely my highlights of the day. I feel inspired to listen to some more acoustic artists, and I might even start watching rugby on television.

One thing’s for sure though, I’ll definitely remember my wellies next time! If you love muddy sports and a mix of music this is definitely the festival for you, and I’d highly recommend checking it out.

In the meantime have a look at our photos from the whole weekend on our Flickr page.

Words by Natasha Ward

Photography by Wendy Armstrong, Natasha Ward and Rob Haywood

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