Rock and roll at the BIC’s Roller Coast Roller Rink

You know you haven’t done something for a long time when your bum and your legs hurt like hell afterwards, nope I’m not talking about anything rude – I’m talking about roller skating!

Our skates (the ones with the pink wheels are the hire skates)

After being offered review tickets from the lovely team at the BIC, we were off to spend our Saturday rolling the day away at the Roller Coast Roller Rink.

I was expecting the hire skates to be those horrible plastic backed quads that you can’t move your ankles in, but I was happy to see shiny new retro quads that looked even more comfortable than mine. So of course I went with the hire skates, and mine stayed in my rucksack.

Us rocking with our skates on
Us rocking with our skates on

On went my knee pads (I’m not a wimp, but I’d rather not take another 6 weeks off of work due to a skating related knee injury thanks!) and I was ready to rock and roll. At first I was a little wobbly, it had been over a year since I had skated, but I soon got into the swing of things.

Although there weren’t many people at the roller disco, we still had fun – even if we were the only two people acting out all of the song words! After an hour and a half of rolling, dancing and sweating, my legs were wobbly and my mouth begged for water, so we decided to call it a day.

As much as the boots were comfy and the atmosphere was pumping, I couldn’t help but feel as though there were a few things missing. I felt that the roller disco could have done with a human dj (not a machine that played the same songs a few times over), some skate marshals (for the wobbly leg skaters), some disco games (to add some extra fun to the party) and of course somewhere to get a drink (someone really is missing a trick there). Even the ice-skating rink had somewhere to get a hot chocolate!

All complaints aside I’m a huge fan of roller discos and feel that we need them to become more of a permanent feature in Dorset. Perhaps someone should set one up all year round here, a bit like Renaissance Rooms in London (that place rocks!).

I’d definitely recommend getting your skates on and checking out the BIC’s roller disco if you haven’t already, better still – hold out for their ice-skating rink during the winter and the penguins will help you stay on your feet!

Words by Michelle Stannard

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