Breakin Convention ’14 review

I’m a huge fan of dance. As someone who has two left feet, I can really appreciate those who have a natural talent for it and there definitely wasn’t a lack of talent at this year’s Breakin Convention ’14 at the Bournemouth Pavilion.


I was lucky enough to have tickets to the show courtesy of the lovely Pavilion Dance team, and boy was I in for a treat! I was quite cynical at first as I wasn’t sure what to expect of the night, but by the end of the show I was scraping my jaw off of the floor.

The presenters of the show were fun and energetic – made up of B-Boy, rapper and Artistic Director of Breakin Convention Jonzi D and one of the founding members of B-Boy crew, Second To None, Paul ‘LaceMaster’ Spencer. They roused the audience and built up a buzz ready for the dance acts to start doing their thing.

Jonzi D
Jonzi D

All of the dance crews gave outstanding performances but for me there were a few that stole the show.

Super Crew, made up of a selection of dancers and students from various other groups and schools performed a piece called You, Me and Us. I loved the way their dance was inclusive and shared different scenarios of everyday life and daily encounters. It was very well choreographed by Creative Director, Vicki Igbokwe. These local dancers look to have very promising futures.

Second To None, Freeze Fine (Nick Palmer) and LaceMaster (Paul Spencer) performed a piece called Spark, which was a little slow to start but once it really got going and the breakin really got into full swing I really grew to like this fun loving old school duo. They’ve been around since 1985, so the fact that they can still spin and flip is really quite impressive. It’s quite inspiring for those of us not still in our teens who are quite interested in giving dance a try!

ILL-Abilities performed No Limits and I was both inspired and blown away by their talent and their stories. Made up of five dancers with disabilities, they have all have refused to allow their disability to stand in the way of their dreams of dancing. They want to empower people to live their lives with limitless possibilities and the motto ‘No excuses, no limits’. I have never seen dance as outstanding in my life, and trust me I’ve seen many dance shows in my time.

Ukweli Roach (BirdGang Dance Company) performed Vice which was a really cleverly choreographed dance and well written story about addiction and one man’s pursuit of an ideal. The main dancer told his story superbly through his acting and dance. Vice was very powerful and really makes you think about the things that are important in life. The way he was pulled back from the girl of his dreams by his addiction was displayed flawlessly and emotionally through the performance.

Ukweli Roach - BirdGang Dance - Photo by Paul Hampartsoumian
Ukweli Roach – BirdGang Dance – Photo by Paul Hampartsoumian

Finally Wanted Posse performed Revolution which I thought I wouldn’t enjoy at first as it was about protest and revolt, but after the initial first few minutes my eyes were glued to the stage. The dancers shone as a group but also offered their individual quirks when doing solos. The comedy aspect of their performance was very funny and the prison scenes were very cleverly executed with lighting special effects.

My favourite part was when they were getting caught by the police, as it allowed the audience to see each dancer’s individual dancing talents.

All in all the Breakin Convention was a funny, action packed show that I’d recommend checking out when it’s next in town. My highlight of the whole show was right at the end, when all of the dance crews were free-styling. I had a great time, and it’s made me really want to give street dancing a try. Wish me luck!

Words by Michelle Stannard

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