Avenue Q – The Musical – review

As someone who is already a fan of the songs from the original Avenue Q, I was super excited to be seeing the new musical live at the Lighthouse in Poole.

Avenue Q UK Tour

Co-Produced by Sell a Door‘s Richard Darbourne and Co-Created by Tony, Grammy and Emmy Award-winner Robert Lopez, they aim to draw in the screen addicted social network generation to keep the future of live theatre alive. You’ll also be interested to know that Robert Lopez also penned the soundtrack for Disney’s very successful animated feature ‘Frozen’ with his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez – that’s why it’s so awesome!

Now a highly successful musical, Avenue Q continues to make audiences laugh their socks off all around the world.  

So what’s it all about?

Avenue Q is one of the least upmarket streets in New York, but is home to some lively and interesting characters, performed by a comedic alliance of humans and puppets.

The story follows Princeton, a puppet and college graduate who has just moved to Avenue Q hoping to follow his dreams and find his purpose. His lack of money, the distraction of a busty blonde and a variety of weird and wacky friends and neighbours lead Princeton on a funny journey of self-discovery.

Avenue Q will leave you laughing from the pit of your stomach and singing along to some of the catchiest songs you’ve ever heard in a musical.

I’m not usually a musical fan, but being that this one’s a little rude, I enjoyed every single moment.

The puppeteers did an amazing job of making themselves one with the puppets. Their facial expressions and body language made it all fit together perfectly. Throughout the whole show the set was similar but was slightly adapted to each scene which I thought was really clever and it looked great too.

Looking back on the whole show I can’t find a negative thing to say because I was immersed fully into it for the whole duration. I loved all of the characters because they all had the likeability factor including both the naughty Bad Idea Bears and Lucy the Slut.

The three songs of the whole show that stood out the most for me were ‘The Internet is for Porn’ because it’s one I knew already and I love the lyrics, ‘Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist’ because the lyrics are so true and ‘Schadenfreude’ because whether we admit it or not we do laugh at others misfortune (like falling over).

I had a really great time and highly recommend this show if you love the thought of The Muppets with some added spice!

Words by Michelle Stannard

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